Seafood, Sunset, Clouds and the Sunset Social from Maximo Seafood Shack on Mar 19, 2016 PHOTOGRAPHY BY ROBERT NEFF

On March 19, 2016, Maximo Seafood Shack held its 3rd Sunset Social. The whole week storms had wrecked havoc and fog had blanketed Tampa Bay closing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, not once but multiple times. The question was, Would there be a Sunset Social?

On Friday, the sun was out for a bit. Maximo Seafood Shack was getting ready for the Sunset Social.

Stone crabs are in season!

Conch Fritters.

Grouper Bites.

More Stone Crabs were ordered.

#PelicanYoga supports all Sunset Socials at Maximo Seafood Shack. It is their World Headquarters!

On Saturday morning, violent storms came in from the Gulf. We were paying close attention to Nation Weather Service Tampa Bay (NWS TB). The morning forecast was not good but the afternoon showed promise. At the day progressed, we read NWS TB's updates. The forecast was not good.

RADAR didn't look good.

Source: Storm, Weather Underground.

Later that day, the Sunset Social was cancelled.

Around 4:30, there was a break in the storm. The neighborhoods started showing up.

Dogs like Maximo Seafood Shack!

Boat Captains and Crabbers showed up

The Cloudy Sunset

The fast moving clouds just gave a very momentary sprinkle of rain. The beauty was the clouds formations and the upper level ridging. Some of the clouds had a brown hue. The sun did manage to punch through the clouds, just once.

Sun punched through the clouds for a moment.

The weather broke the next day.


Robert Neff is an award winning photographer.He specializes in weather, international events, sports (Rugby and Grand Prix), NASA, lifestyle, boats and sailing, nature, wildlife, and travel and tourism. Robert uses photography as a narrative to share his experiences.

Robert has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines. He is also a writer with a published book and articles in newspapers and journals.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Robert Neff’s contemporary art is dynamic and vibrant, and engages the senses. His photography and storytelling are the inspiration and basis for his fine art. Nature and life’s colors, tones, and shapes are transformed into mixed media art work. Design studies are used to explore geometrics, color, and patterns. As your perspective changes, so does the design. His approach changes how your vision interprets everyday experiences.

During his solo show at Art Miami’s Spectrum Miami, art lovers were drawn into his fine art work. His style drew comparisons to Vasarely and the Op Art movement. One collector from Uruguay compared his style to "Constructivism" and the great Uruguay artist, Garcia.

Copyright ©2016 Robert Neff. All Rights Reserved.

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Robert Neff
Copyright ©2016 Robert Neff. All Rights Reserved.

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