The Story of the Africa SMO Village Where ubuntu beats

The Village (with a few extras!)

Once upon a time in April of the year 2016, the Africa SMO Team were brought together for two days of fun, laughter, good conversation, dancing and drumming.

Butthead could move like Jagger!
The Drum Circle of Trust

They wanted to talk to each other, figure out what their values were, their hopes and dreams for the future and get to know their neighbors.

After hearing about the vision....

They went on to share their actual names with each other, they drew their futures (and a few Picasso's were uncovered!), and their excellent teacher from Prague (one Tom Scalley) taught them about the Village.

As they progressed along their journey....something amazing started to happen ....and the Africa SMO team realized that THEY were an important part of their very own village! They were a family and cared for each other and thus, the Africa SMO Village was born....

A Village

The villagers went on to discuss communications, the problems that really bugged them and how they wanted to interact with other folk outside the village.

Back in the actual village, they discussed and debated and laughed and joked and came up with their team charter and their values and a picture that described who they were.

The Villagers found their identity

The journey continues as, together, they take forward transforming their village, discussing and problem solving as a family, learning how to live with other villages, working out how to communicate with each other and going green to save the planet one village at a time...

Welcome to the Africa SMO Team Charter!


To all for your amazing generosity of spirit, your willingness to be a part of the village and committing to who we are and what we stand for!

The journey continues....

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Reshavia Nagoor

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