Cleanliness In Ithaca By Jake Dau

On Sunday, while waiting for a TCAT to get back to campus after a day in the Commons, I noticed the amount of garbage/waste on the ground within the TCAT station.

Newspapers and other trash in the T-CAT station on East Seneca Street.

The issue of handling garbage and other forms of waste management falls under the jurisdiction of the Ithaca Waste Management Service and Tompkins County Solid Waste Management. Therefore, my story would investigate how these two services have handled issues of waste in the past and how their current methods might be failing, due to my findings in the Commons. The story would include an in-depth analysis of the two services' history in Ithaca, along with interviews with managers in both service companies, students at IC, and residents of Ithaca.

This story would be newsworthy due to its proximity, timeliness, and impact. The issue of handling waste and trash greatly affects everyone, since we go to school here in Ithaca. Therefore, we will inevitably be exposed to this problem, due to how close we are to it and how it directly impacts us. Also, since I noticed this issue just this past weekend, timeliness also plays a large role in how my story would impact readers. By uncovering this issue and discussing it with those that are in charge of handling waste management, awareness can be brought to the trash problem here.

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