Combatting Anti-Social Behavior

Unhealthy boundaries with technological use causes teenagers to become anti-social due to an isolation from physical activity, and leads to obesity.

The Fredericksburg City School Board could combat against anti-social behavior by implementing after school activity clubs.
For example, sports clubs will accept all students willing to participate regardless of physical or athletic ability.
A soccer club will help students lose weight due to constant physical movement.
Activity clubs will create interactions between all students. Interactions between students combined with physical activity will increase healthiness, and break anti-social behavior barriers.
Sportsmanship within every activity club will create an accepting atmosphere for students who may be anti-social. Teenagers will feel accepted by others and create friendships while they increase their health with physical activity.
After school activity clubs will replace the unhealthy excessive use of technology causing anti-social behavior. Furthermore, obesity rates can rather decrease by installing after school activity clubs by the Fredericksburg City School board.


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