American All jeffrey and dayana

similarity: They both mostly worked on farming and some joined the military to fight in the war.

Difference: Asian Americans mostly joined the war, while the Mexican Americans were farming.

Similarity: Both Mexican and Asian Americans wanted a better life and were willing to do anything to survive, if that included getting segregated and tortured.

Difference: When Mexican Americans apply to work on the field, they make a long line, and when they get to the front, they check their hands to see if they were experienced with farming.

Similarity: They both lived very poorly and suffered discrimination.

Difference: While Mexicans lived in homes, the Asian lived in relocation camps.

How were they treated?:The Asian such as the Japanese were getting more discriminated than the Chinese and the Philippines. But they all worked hard in order to survive. The Japanese

How did they respond to such treatment: The Chinese protested and putting signs such as "I am Chinese".

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war? The Chinese grew and sold flowers which made them move up to the middle class. As the Japanese and Filipinos joined the war.

Opinion: I agree that they were discriminated by a lot of people. But they weren't getting treated as badly to the Japanese.

Mexicans, how were they treated?: They were treated very poorly and were given bad places to live while they were working on they field.

How did they respond to such treatment?: They couldn't because they wanted the money to support themselves. But there was also the zoot-suit riot which there was a lot of problems that was happening.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war?: The Latino women were part of the war, by joining the red cross. They worked on railroads, in mines, shipyards, and airplane factories.

Opinion: They didn't consider them living in the US, but they were considered as guest workers.

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