New Brampton By Jasen and V.J

Smart City

What is a smart city? A smart city is a city that has a low pollution rate and is technologically strong...

To make are city better we need a smart city, lose gas cars and move to electric now it's almost impossible to make everyone switch to electric cars but a way we could try to make them use electric cars by selling more and creating more models which could be cheaper. Another way to make are city a smart city is by adding two special devices that will help you be aware charging stations for our phones but soon i don't think we will be using phones in the future. Things change in the world of tech things change fast new things come get invented so putting in phone charging stations around the city would be a stupid idea having gas stations soon will be a stupid idea to do.

Problem & Solutions

One Problem in our city today is waste of garbage and recycle... Many people think that it is okay to waste garbage well guess what buddy your stupid! Every time you litter think of it as killing your city. I would like a show of hands who wants their city to be clean or dirty. What we have decided to do to fix this problem is to add big pipes that will transport garbage and recycle right from their very homes. This will benefit us in many different ways such as decreasing the usage of fuel and diesel so that those stupid annoying trucks won't have to pass by your neighborhood...

Another problem in our city these days is transportation. Brampton now days has a very high insurance rate which is due to all the accidents that occur in Brampton.

To fix this problem a simple solution is that we have created a sky train. It will reduce us from these reasons... 1. car accidents will be decreased. 2. less people will have to buy cars that use diesel or fuel which will cause pollution in the making and refueling of the vehicle. 3. the sky train will also come in hand to get from one side to the other of the city.

In conclusion we have deiced these ideas to take place as soon as we can. And all we need is your help to help take action and we can be the best smart city in the world...


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