Baird Tampa, Fl

What is Baird?

Baird was founded in 1919 and is an employee-owned financial service firm that provides services such as investment banking, private equity investing, and wealth management to other corporations and individuals.

Reasons why I want to intern at Baird.

Baird's 10 week summer internship can provide opportunities to explore the financial world and gain experience in the work place.
Through this internship, I can explore different jobs that interest me and gain knowledge about their daily tasks.
This internship allows you to work on tasks hand and hand with current employees in a friendly "family like" environment.
Baird has accumulated a numerous amount of awards and continues to gain recognition and grow every year.
For 14 consecutive years, Baird has been recognized as one of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For and currently sits at number 4.
In 2016, Baird reached a new record of $1.4 billion dollars in revenue for the year and they have seen their stock increase by 182% since 2005.
Rated #42 out of 50 for the best internships by
Baird is an employee-owned company which empowers their employees to be successful and determined.
2/3rds of Baird's employees own stock in the company which gives each employee authority and a voice as they own part of the company.
Over 94% of Baird's employees enjoy working for the company.
Baird has over 100 locations throughout the USA, Europe, and Asia and they give their employees opportunity to grow and move around in the company.
Baird strives to make a difference in the community.
The Baird Foundation was created to support charities and to promote employee involvement in the community.
Baird will give employees paid days off to go out and volunteer in the community.
The Baird Foundation gave $3.2 million dollars to nonprofit charity groups in 2016.


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