May Moment of Gratitude April 28 - May 7, 2021 | Social Media Toolkit

Thank Hunger Heroes Across the Country

During times of uncertainty—when kids need kindness and a healthy meal more than ever—incredible people and organizations like yours step up to the plate. That’s why No Kid Hungry is working to #ThankAHungerHero this spring. Join us!

Use the shareable social media messages and graphics/images below to join us in giving thanks, and encourage your network and followers to do the same! No Kid Hungry's digital thank you board will go live on April 28: https://bit.ly/2RhmGQL


Whether it’s breakfast or lunch, #HungerHeroes ensure kids are fed and living their lives to the fullest. Want to join us and @nokidhungry to #ThankAHungerHero? Add your note to the digital thank you board: https://bit.ly/2RhmGQL

#HungerHeroes do everything they can to ensure thousands of kids know where their next meal is coming from. Today, we're celebrating their incredible efforts with @nokidhungry! Join us as we #ThankAHungerHero: https://bit.ly/2RhmGQL

As we start to rebuild for tomorrow, we feel immense gratitude to the volunteers helping their communities fight childhood hunger. On May 7, join us and @nokidhungry to #ThankAHungerHero. Add your gratitude note to the digital thank you board here: https://bit.ly/2RhmGQL

From bus drivers and school cafeteria staff to food bank volunteers, every #HungerHero helps their community rebuild, reinvest and reimagine. Join us and @nokidhungry to #ThankAHungerHero as we work toward a better future together: https://bit.ly/2RhmGQL


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Stories/Fleets (on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)


May 7, 2021 | 3-5 p.m. ET

What is a Twitterstorm?

A Twitterstorm refers to a period of time (typically an hour or two hours) when a group of individuals and organizations come together to “talk” about the same subject using the same hashtag on Twitter. During this time, audience members can follow along by viewing the unifying hashtag collecting all of the tweets—in this case, #ThankAHungerHero.

How do you participate?

Between 3-5 p.m. ET on May 7, share your appreciations for those on the frontlines serving children with #ThankAHungerHero. You can also share how you're working to support these amazing champions through No Kid Hungry. The @NoKidHungry Twitter account will retweet you from there!


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