Immagration By: Lizneth Hernandez

Imagration is when mexicans are taking way by there home, people take this serious and some parents are also worried about there children of what are they going to do with them and like who is going to take care of them, and they sometimes thing that like "oh my god i am going to die".

The people are being affected in this issue by taking them from this people’s home and from there family and it isn’t a good place where they are ending up. And they are still affecting to today by blaming them and they are getting treated bad like if they were a slave to them and they are getting taking away from there homes. They hope that they don’t get taken so some of them are scared about this change in there life.

What i will do to help this is to try make the president and people to change there mind because they don't come to the united states and be taken away and living like a slave they don't deserve to have this in there life just because they are different doesn't mean that you control them or there life.


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