15/18 JANUARY 2018

The Gymnasium of Keramoti started this year (September 2017) to develop a European Erasmus + program, Action ΚA02, on

"Water Sources and Sanitation".

With this program, we hope to raise awareness among our students about the importance of water and its inseparable connection to all levels of life.

Water, which is one of the most basic elements of every kind of living on our planet, is expected to present in the next decades problems of both quality and quantity. We must therefore consider and anticipate as it affects all aspects of development, including health, food security, economic development, ecosystem services as well as biodiversity.

This project aims to study and map out the current situation and to explore possible solutions to the threats and challenges of the future.

In any case, it is absolutely necessary to analyze and seek ways of sustainable management of water resources.

Another important aspect of the program is expected to be the benefit to our students through cooperation with the European Schools, as well as the acquisition of experience - as a result of participation in joint activities.

The countries participating in the program are: Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Greece with Italian coordinating school.

The first transnational meeting held in Naples, Italy, on 15-18 January 2018, laid the foundations for organizing and organizing our work over the next two years.

The hospitality of Italian colleagues proved to be very warm and cordial and worked exemplary in the context of European cooperation. By completing the work of our first meeting in Naples, we also planned our next move to Funchal, Portugal, with the participation of our five pupils, who are also included in our school's working group.

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