Neil Armstrong life is calling u

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon,he was a astronaut he flew on two space missions. One was Apollo 11.The mission landed on the moon,he was an engineer, a pilot and a college professor.What was Neil Armstrong's life like growing up? Neil Armstrong was born on August the 5th,1930.He was born in Ohio.He had a brother and a sister,he was in the boy scouts of America.Armstrong flew in a airplane when he was 6,that flight made him love airplanes.He attended Blume high school in Ohio.Neil went to the college at Purdue University.

While he was in college he left to serve in the U.S. Navy.Because he served four the U.S. Navy he got to fly lots of planes during Korean war.Once Neil came back for the Korean War he went back to college to do his degree that he started and never finished,later on he earned a master's degree too.What did Neil Armstrong do before he came an astronaut.Before Armstrong was an astronaut,he work for a group that studied planes.Because the group worked hard they became new members of the NASA,Neil also designed planes for his group.

What did Neil Armstrong do after apollo 11?Neil retired from his group after apollo 11,in 1971 Neil became a college professor.he tort children untill 1979 later on he became a businessman, he's stayed active in groups that studies space and aeronautics.

Later contributions?Armstrong stayed with NASA,serving (his buiness)administrator for aeronautics until 1971.Since leaving his group,he went to the University of Cincinnati,while Neil was helping out people in difficult times, Armstrong served as vice leader of the Presidential commission on the space ship on the,challenger accident in 1986.

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