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I'm become really interested when it come to religions are over the world. I decided i wanted to explore and to do a project on the 5 biggest ones worldwide. So I took a 10 day trip around the world to explore the 5 religions.

Day 1 - Day 2 : For my trip I went to Rajasthan, India. I went to Rajasthan to study Hinduism as it was really important/popular there. While I was there I figured that it was not mandatory to go to a hindu temple everyday as most Hindu homes usually have a small shrine or "puja room" for daily prayers, Hindus generally go to temples only on auspicious occasions or during religious festivals. Also throughout India there are centres of pilgrimage, some of them are very holy, others less so. India is also really big on dances and arts that are highly influenced by the religion.

These are some hindi temples and pilgrimages of hinduism. The cow is also a big symbol for hinduism.

Day 3 - Day 4 : For my next trip I stayed in Bihar, India but more closer to southwest Asia to learn more on Buddhism. I quickly found out that their Buddha told them not to believe in anything. The "true Buddhists" observe festival days in an entirely different manner. On the particular festival day, they would devote their time to abstaining from all evil. They would practise charity and help others to relieve themselves from their suffering. They may entertain friends and relatives in a respectable way. Sometimes rites, rituals, ceremonies, processions and festivals were organized to aid in emotional satisfaction through religion. Some sacred sites is the Bodh Gaya, which is an important place of Buddhist pilgrimage in India and has a number of monasteries, which were constructed by devout Buddhists of Japan, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The Mahabodhi Temple is a religious architecture thats also in Bihar.

The picture on the right shows the Mahabodhi Temple and the middle top one is Bodh Gaya.

Day 5 - Day 6 : After my trip to Bihar, I went to Jerusalem for the religion Judaism. Almost all Jewish people wore a Kippah when praying, eating, etc. And I noticed that they recite prayers three times a day. A sacred site that I went to was the wailing wall, I found out that the people pray there for the restoration of the wall. For a religious architecture I found I found the Temple, which is a permanent place to worship.

The top half shows people praying at the wailing wall and the bottom half shows the Temple.

Day 7 - Day 8 : I stayed in Jerusalem to also learn more on the christianity religion. I learned that Judaism and Christianity are similar in their ways. At one point christian pilgrims carried a wooden cross on good Friday. One major architecture I got to visit was the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is where Jesus was crucified. A sacred site stop was the bethlehem, which was the birthplace of Jesus.

Bottom right is the Bethlehem and bottom left is the church of the holy sepulchre.

Day 9 - Day 10 : For my last trip I went to Iran to study the Islam religion. During my trip there I learned that they have acts of worship which are the salaah (daily prayers), Sawm (fasting), Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), and the Zakaat (charity tax). They also have charity and other types of worships that they do. A religious architecture that I found there was the Room of Sultan Uljeitu, the site provides a glimpse of the rich cultural lifestyle. Popular sacred site stops there were the Tombs of Biblical prophets which is accepted by all Muslims.

Bottom left shows the sacred site called the Tomb of Daniel in Iran, and the rest of the pictures show culture.



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