Voice,Tense,Mood Study Guide by: Katherine Kremer

Active and Passive Voices

Active Voice: the subject is the DOER of the action

Example 1- My friend gave me a gift for Christmas.
Example 2- My dog wore the Santa hat on Christmas.

Passive Voice:the subject RECEIVES the action of the verb

Example 1- The tree was finally topped with a star.
Example 2- The lights were arranged by my dad all around the house.

Perfect and Progressive tense

Progressive- be + present participle

Katherine IS GIVING her friend a necklace.

We WERE SLEEPING when Santa came.

We WILL BE EATING a lot on Christmas day.

Perfect- have + past participle

I HAVE SEEN that Christmas movie before.

We HAD PUT OUT cookies for Santa.

She WILL HAVE already OPENED all her gifts before the party.



Indicative: states a fact or asks a question

We are going to the beach for Christmas.

He ate the pie on Christmas.

Imperative- Gives a command

Wrap the present.

Clean up the broken ornament.

Emphatic- states a statement using the verb "do". NOT A QUESTION.

We do read the Night Before Christmas every year.

You do come over every year.

Subjunctive: includes wishes/desires, statements contrary-to-fact, uncertainties, demands after that, and recommendations. Subjunctive mood trumps all other moods.

I suggest that you go to the mall to get presents for your family.

If we had a bigger tree, then we could fit more ornaments on it.



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