AGILE CHAMPIONS Who They Are and Why They Are Important

What is an Agile Champion?

Agile Champions unlock possibilities and model new ways of working to accelerate organizational transformation.

Agile Champions are Key to Transformation

Agile Champions embed a rich layer of understanding into organizations that transcends process and structure. They shift how people engage, catalyzing new conversations, new possibilities, new results. They usher in transformation at scale.

The Role of an Agile Champion

Agile Champions grease the gears of change—continuously learning, developing, and growing. They show up authentically and take a human-centered approach. By inspiring thought and uncovering better ways of working, they support small, self-organizing, cross-functional teams while promoting diversity and inclusion.

By participating in broader Agile communities, champions broaden their knowledge at the same time as helping others develop theirs.

How do Agile Champions affect an organization?

Agile Champions unlock the creativity and possibility of every team member. By improving the human experience, they hasten the organization's journey—moment by moment and team by team—toward its strategic vision and goals.