The story of OfhaniMusekwa Walking into the open doors of ministry

Who is Ofhani?

I am a 23 years lady. Born and raised by my parents and 3 siblings (see below) at a small village called Mpheni. I'm a Psychology Honors graduate and I'm currently finishing my Masters studies while serving in the leadership of the Every Nation Campus Univen ministry. I have always been driven and motivated for and to be better which resulted in me investing most of my efforts and energy in growth and edification. I am a passionate and driven individual who finds joy in the simple things of this life. I enjoy writing (poetry, very very short stories, songs as well as short articles), spending quality time with family and friends; I like to laugh and have fun and on the other hand appreciate the quiet moments and time spent alone. I also like exploring nature, new environments and situations; my nature is one of an adventurer who is open to new situations and learning.

My family

Meet the Musekwa Family. My mother and father built a home for themselves and their children in Limpopo at a village called Mpheni. It is in this very village where they found employment at a local primary school as educators. They raised two beautiful ladies and two strong men as well as an aspiring doctor (my niece).

What's my story?

I was born Christian! I found Christ at a very young age but lost Him in the web of life growing up as I sought to find more and have more of him. The year 2013 marked a great turn in my life being the year that God arrested my heart and led me on a path of truth and finding Him, the Real Him. In 2014, God made it so that I find myself enrolled in the University of Venda and here i met Pst Tshili, Pst Mpho and Thakhani. I joined the ministry's praise team as Pst Tshili discipled me, I began to find the answers that I sought after and an experience of total transformation and a cause worthy living for: "Honor God, make disciples". I've always had a sense that I'll change the world and God gave me the how that has been tested, proven, solid and overly bigger than myself. This not only gave me a sense of purpose but a drive to cleave to the call.

Why Every Nation Campus?

We recite this vision every Sunday "We see lives, communities and societies transformed through discipleship in the word, the presence and the power of God". When i looked at my life I saw the living version of these words, I saw the reality of what a life transformed through discipleship (relationship with God, other believers and the world) and God's intervention looked like and I wanted to give what has been given to me to the next person. It became my commitment to give our young people in university Jesus, the real Jesus and lead them to an authentic relationship with them. University students are seekers; seekers of truth, knowledge and purpose. They are open to learning and growing hence their availability to invest in themselves and the future. University students are the future leaders and runners of the world, they are also pioneers of major movements. These amongst other reasons make campus ministry a strategic investment not only for God but the future of the World. So why campus ministry? because the fate of someone's soul and the future of our world hangs on an investment, the pivotal part becomes what kid of investment are we making available and placing within the reach of our future leaders.

Equipped to minister

In the year 2015, I and Mulaudzi Sympathy did our year of ministry internship as well as enrolled for the Every Nation school of campus ministry of which we graduated in 2016. This year I am part of a leadership 215 class as well as grow bible school 113 (2nd year graduates).


I am currently leading the Univen campus with my Good friends and colleagues Thakhani Netshivhongweni and Pst Tshili (mentor and senior pastor) along with a great committed and faithful members of the core team compiled of three interns (aspiring full time ministers), three of which will be enrolling for the school of campus ministry. We are currently running two campus services (morning and evening), we have 13 connect leaders with functioning connect groups.

Raising leaders

Because disciples are leaders, Our senior pastor has set it out to not only raise ministers for the kingdom but ministers in all spheres of life. Genesis 1:28 speaks about how we odd to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it. The tool and means to this is to raise strong disciples and leaders who are equipped for and in L.I.F.E (leadership, integrity, faith and excellence) and ministry .Our band of first tire leaders is currently comprised of 10 strong rising leaders and our second tire of leaders are 18 and creating an overflow to 32 upcoming leaders.


If you believe in the word that God is doing in Venda and in the university students and would like to partner with us in any way i.e financially, through prayer, equipment donation, scholarships/bursaries and so on please contact me. e-mail: Cell/WhatsApp: 0616373270

Upcoming mission trips & conferences

1. Namibia mission 10 days mission trip to Namibia from the 14th of April (Partnership needed)

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