1795 : Signed Treaty By: Nina burnette

Pinckey's treaty :

Pinckey's Treaty was a Treaty signed to resolve issues between Spain and the United States. Theses two countries struggled with the issues of territorial disputes and American ships were granted the freedom to no cost navigation of the Mississippi River. The duty - free transport through New Orleans under the Spanish Control would also be settled. In the process of the signing, the United States granted very big advantages through the process of the Diplomatic Truth also being held. Pinckey's Treaty not only influenced Spain and the United States but as well as Great Britain for the good and the bad. Great Britain had experience of the Diplomatic which gave them an advantage over other countries, yet they were partially responsible for the achievement of the signed Treaty.

Event One :

One of the many events leading up to the signing of the Pinckey's Treaty is that the Spanish has officially prohibited navigation and established control of the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Ohio River in 1794.


Event two :

The second event leading up to the Signing of Pickney's Treaty was the Spanish policy that started to focus on keeping the American Trade to a minimum prior to 1789. The American Trade first started to influence Mexico by the rule of "One Economy, Two Nations", explaining what would influence the losses and gains on each country. Each country struggled with money, bloodshed, and then the walls built to sustain the problems.


Thomas pinckney :

Thomas Pinckney was a former American Statesman of South Carolina, a solider, and a diplomat who settled the Pinckney's Treaty in 1795. After Pinckney served in the American Revolutionary war he turned to law and politics. He then served as a governor of South Carolina and as the President of the state convention that ratified the U.S. constitution.


Charles IV of Spain :

Charles IV of Spain was the King of Spain during the French Revolution, who soon succeeded his father Charles III. The role of King soon proved to be way to large and Charles eventually entrusted the government because of lack in leadership qualities and gave all his ruler leadership to Manuel de Godoy. During the reign of Charles IV, his power came to an immediate end when he was abdicated and was deposed by Napoleon.


Question 1 :

How did trade along the Mississippi River impact trade with Mexico?

question 2 :

Because Pinckney rejected the alliance with Godoy, how did that impact America today?

hypotheses 1 :

The United States could now possibly trade with Spain.





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