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Why Choose Prokol Products for Your Asset Protection in Roof Waterproofing

Prokol Company History

Prokol Polymers are a polymer & liquid engineering manufacturer based in Holland, Prokol have 40 years of experience in the chemical industry and with dedicated chemical engineers and commercial chemists constantly innovating new cutting edge products. Geographically, the Dutch have existed below water levels for hundreds of thousands of years. Primarily as a nation dealing with rising water levels on a regular basis and with the highest point only being one meter above sea level in Holland, who better to advise on waterproofing.

The Dutch cannot have short term solutions to protection when it comes to waterproofing, their total existence relies on whole of life zero maintenance products and applications. When it comes to structural waterproofing of any kind, key product attributes like seamless, hydrophobic, elongation, chemically resistant and the environment, play key parts in developing a structural waterproofing system that will outlast the structure its applied to. Engineering Polymers to suit design is key to Prokol, so every project is reviewed thoroughly before manufacturer warranties are agreed. Also the whole of life zero maintenance is a key product approach as the Dutch also believe in not repairing failing products with the same product.

Manufactured using Green Chemistry

Product & Design in Perfect Harmony

Prokol believe key performance characteristics in coating materials need be understood by asset owners and specifiers alike, so our technical team will consult & educate on all products, their landscapes, all of which can be independently researched and validated. Prokol technical onsite advisers are not only knowledgeable about their product range, but proficient in understanding other manufacturer products. Construction design, building and chemical coating physics all need to work in unison.

The key thing to remember is Prokol are the manufacturer not a third party reseller, its in our interest as the asset warranty holder to ensure the right product is specified and not sold.

Prokol Pure Polyurea Seamless Hydrophobic Roofing Coatings Explained

Prokol Polymers Pure Polyurea range of coating systems are fully hydrophobic, they are impact resistant, seamless and have their own termination details. They are also chemically resistant and engineered with high elongation for vertical and lateral expansion and contraction properties to deal with high extreme levels of freeze thaw cycle. In fact the the operational temperatures of an applied Prokol membrane is plus 200 degrees C and minus 50 degrees. The membrane is 100% solids with 1500% elongation for thermal movement and fully fire rated to EN 13501 - 5 Over Foam or Bitumen Based Substrates. Pure Polyurea is a chemical 20 second cure system that is fully moisture tolerant, these coating can be applied with up to 7% moisture in the substrate and will still cure at minus temperatures in 20 seconds.

Pure Polyurea & Polyurethane Liquid Coatings - Similar in Looks Drastically Different Products In Performance

Polyurethane liquids commonly seen in the roofing landscape and specified are not hydrophobic and not fit for purpose in a wet European countries. They are classed as Hydrophilic and actually degrade when in contact with water (hydrolysis degradation) We at Prokol should know as we manufacture these types of coatings along with hybrids and modified polymers, but there placement geographically is where rainfall or contact with water is minimal. These products would not meet the required application criteria required in Europe and will give the asset water protection product short a short life span or expiry date inline with weather conditions.

Polyurethane liquids look similar to Pure Polyurea but they couldn't be more different when it comes to key waterproofing performance long term. Polyurethane is moisture in tolerant and categorised as hydrophilic meaning it will degrade when in contact with water. These urethane applications will be seen in conjunction with expensive tapered roofing systems which are designed to remove water from the membrane as quick as possible, this is in order to preserve its short life. The only problem here then is dealing with high levels of water discharge into outlets (two metres a second in a heavy down pour) water entering an outlet or down pipe converts to mass, which converts to downward force. This force then meeting a pipe filled with air converts to negative pressure causing stress on internal pipe seals and subsequent failure into the building internally. Its more beneficial to have less of a fall and allow the roof to drain or syphon naturally but for this you need a membrane that can reside under water without degrading, hence hydrophobicity is the key factor in waterproofing systems as your primary line of defence.

Polyurethane's also require catalysts to cure, Pure Polyurea does not. Urethanes require no moisture in the air and at least eleven degrees c and rising to competently cure. These urethane based coating also need to be applied under strict control measures by the applicator, so in certain weather windows & where dew or damp air conditions are concerned they are not fit for purpose. If curing doesn't occur within a given window during colder and wetter months of the season the coating will induce air born moisture causing catalysing problems in the coating and failure.

Also to be noted: most of the urethane coatings in a bid to keep the coating away from damp substrates are designed to work with re-enforcement fleece matting. Polyurethane is a liquid polymer and is designed to elongate, but by restricting its performance with the introduction of " re enforcement matting" contradicts the system and makes it weak by design, plus more layers mean higher cost.

Watch this short video clip explaining the difference between hydrophobic & hydrophilic

A 3 mm Application of Prokol Pure Polyurea will Resist 10 Bar Head of Water or Mains Water Pressure, The Membrane is Also Breathable

Hydrophobic Membrane

Fire Certification

Prokol Polymers products are fully independently tested, our roofing membrane has been tested to meet EN 13501 - 5

Prokol Polymers Roof Application Pre Condition Surveys

Prokol Polymers technical surveyors will attend each project, warm or cold roof application any size and carry out a full roof pre-condition survey, supported with individual I -Audit reports on our findings these precondition surveys allow for positive identification of a new or existing roofs' condition and build up and allow Prokol to deliver a fully comprehensive certified condensation risk analysis. Prokol Polymers technical surveyors also carry thermal imaging cameras as part of their onsite inspection tool kit.

Pre Condition Roof Core Sampling

Roof Survey Thermal Imaging

Prokol Roof Specification Including Condensation Risk Analysis

The Prokol technical department put together comprehensive specifications to suit the assets individual requirements. Prokol specifications where warm roof replacement and upgrades are required all have condensation risk analysis included to ensure full competency in the whole application. In the specification you will find detail drawing examples and 3D renders to support our clients information, these will explain all aspects of the applications in depth and instant changes can be made to suit and support the projects. New roof details can be easily formed where required to allow for more efficiently in water flow. The Prokol roof system will give a modern aesthetic modular feel in most cases. The Pure Polyurea coating at 3mm is very robust and whilst having high elongation properties it is virtually impenetrable, it was designed to deal with roperatives servicing roof top plant and equipment, anti slip finishes are applied in one single application as part of the main membrane, this is achieved without the use of aggregates.

Anti Slip Finish

Seamlessly Sealed & Tanked Roof Finish

Seamless Detailing Around Roof Protrusion

Full Tanking Detailing

The spray applied 20 second cure Pure Polyurea is precise and seals instantly, where neat straight line finishes are required a specialist wire tape is pulled through the cured coating leaving a neat finished edge, the high bond adhesion from the coating on brickwork is around 4 - 6 mpa or mega pascal per mm. Every application is checked start middle and on completion by an onsite Prokol quality & technical manager, and this is why you will never see a failed Prokol application.

Seamless Roof Detailing In Progress

All roof penetrations such as pipe work, support steels, man safe systems and PV Panels and roof lights are all seamlessly sealed into the roof coating, should these be removed or replaced in the future the Pure Polyurea can easily re-seal and chemically interlink into the existing roof membrane

Neat Seamlessly Sealed Finish

Photo Cell Panel Framework Sealed Into Main Membrane - All Servicing & Maintenance of the Photo Cell Panels is Completed Above the Coating.

Prokol Onsite Quality Inspector On Cold Roof Overcoat to Existing Asphalt

Quality Control & Testing

Prokol Polymers are an ISO registered company and very process driven, all applications large and small are tested using electronic or ELD testing units, as the Pure Polyurea also acts as an electrical current isolator ( independently tested at 3 mm to resist against 40,000 volts) a small electrical current can be passed through the membrane to ensure the seamless membranes integrity.

From New Roof Applications, to Overlay, to Overcoat & Refurbish, all Prokol Seamless Roof Waterproofing Membranes come with a Minimum Manufacturer Warranty of 30 Years. As a fully Hydrophobic, Wear Resistant, Chemically Resistant Coating engineered to sit beneath water. We are confident the membrane will outlast the structure it is applied to.

Remember its made in Holland

Examples of Prokol Roof Membrane Applications
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