Star Board Week 9 Term 3 St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

I know that if you are reading this that you keep abreast of the messages, accolades, and concerns I may have. Please talk to your fellow parents about the things we raise with you and always feel welcome to drop me a line to catch up. I can do nothing if I know nothing.

What you also need to remember is that you are free to contact your daughter’s teachers if you feel the need. That is our job.

Seeking help and Mental Health- what to look out for if at risk.

I have written this in several newsletters this term. We will be keeping an eye on how everyone is coping, and we will contact you if your child is distressed. By that same token please contact us if you are worried about how your daughter might be coping at school.

Who do I contact you may well be asking? We have sent information in that regard but just as a reminder:

- Her Whanau teacher- this person is your first port of call and does not change for the entire time she is on SMCS site. As years 12 and 13 students they stay a part of this Whanau level but on Senior College site the Registration teacher assumes a pastoral role. These relationships allow for that adult to ‘know’ your daughter, and you.

- Next her Dean- In year 7&8 that person remains the same. In years 9-11 that Dean follows them through those pastoral years. Your daughter then is transitioned to their years 12 and 13 Deans. The Dean becomes another person who ‘knows’ your daughter, and you.

- Then her subject teachers and the subject HoDs- these persons can be contacted as you need. All staff have emails, which is the fastest way to communicate.

- There are her boarding matrons- if she is a Boarder (full and part)

- There are her Counsellors- again they can be contacted via email, and phone.

- The next tier are her Deputy and Assistant Principals- these people have cohort responsibility and follow the girls through the levels

- Lastly Me. You do this through Tracey by phone, but I tend to keep K Mart hours.

Please know that we care about your daughters, but we are not trained Counsellors so when the needs step outside of our expertise level we are obligated to refer on. We hope that your daughters are talking to you about their highs and lows, and we will do whatever we can when we can, and when we know.

Some signs for you to look out for are:

• Changes in behaviour: tearfulness, sleep patterns, eating patterns, up and down emotions or heightened anger or irritability, becoming suddenly calm or happy after being down, feeling hopeless or worthless, guilty, whakamā or ashamed.

• Losing confidence, or a downturn in school or sport performance.

• Becoming isolated or withdrawn from whānau, family and friends, things that are normally of interest.

• Talking about depression and expressing dark thoughts.

• Not coping with day to day problems, or becoming overwhelmed with usual activities.

• Using substances to cope with difficult feelings or thoughts.

• An escalation of risk-taking behaviours.

• Giving away possessions.

• Physical symptoms that do not have an obvious cause such as aches, pains, feeling sick.

Seek help if these signs are appearing. If you have any concerns about your child/children please let us know by contacting our guidance counsellors Reverend Lesley or Mrs Keeton, a member of the Senior Leadership Team, or your child’s Dean.

Other agencies you can contact for support:

- 1737: You can free call or text 1737 to speak with a counsellor 24/7

- Youthline: text on 234 (8am to midnight) or ring 0800 376 633 or email talk@youthline.co.nz

- Lifeline: 0800 543354

- Skylight: have useful resources on their website about managing grief - www.skylight.org.nz

- Te Haika: 24/7 mental health support 0800 745 477

Ngā Mihi


Ngā Mihi


Around School This Week

Maori Language Week

At 12pm on Monday we joined a nationwide Maori language celebration. Miss Percy has been working with the Year 9 girls in Taha Maori and they led the school in the song and actions of Matariki Macarena. Pictured above, our Year 9 girls getting into the swing!
On Tuesday 15 September nine girls from years 7,8 and 9, were given the opportunity to attend a poi workshop at St Pats. The workshop was about leadership for girls in years 5-13. The workshop included learning a waiata and poi routine to practice and perform throughout the day. The song that was learnt this workshop was called Ko Wairarapa Tēnei. The venue of St Pats provided us with space for us to learn our waiata and poi over the duration of the day. The day provided a great opportunity for us to meet lots of people and make many new connections and friendships. We were extremely fortunate to have tutor, Pania Reiri-Smith, supported by Carleigh Cocks who taught us many new things and made it an enjoyable experience for all of us. A huge thank you to our tutors, Wairarapa Reap House and Trudy for planning the event and putting it in action. It could not have been so successful without them. By Katie Lane Year 9

Our Years 7/8 have continued their lessons with Jodi Taureka from the TPU every Friday. This week they worked on the school Waiata, Hato Maitua. Enjoy the video above!

Mary Poppins - Junior Production

Rehearsals are well underway for this year's Junior Production of Mary Poppins. There was great excitement this week as the set and costumes arrived. Pictured here is Stella Carrington (Year 8) who will be playing Mary Poppins in the show, checking out her costume.

Years 7/8 Speeches

The finals of the Years 7/8 Speech Competition were held this week. The finals were - Year 7 - Harriet Summerfield and Lucy Didsbury, Year 8 - Lucy Wyeth, Isobella Edge, Maiah Purcell, Poppy Tatham and Sally Booth. Congratulations to Lucy Didsbury and Sally Booth for winning their respective year group section.

Wellness Thursday

This took on a different focus this week with lots of activity on Thursday afternoon. Firstly it was a valuable opportunity for the cast of Mary Poppins to rehearse with their set and costumes. The Years 7/8 girls were involved in this and some from Year 9.

The Years 9/10 had an afternoon of careers information. We were fortunate to have speakers come share their experiences with the girls, and talk about their jobs and how they got there. Many thanks to:

Adie Long - Food Science - Adie has provided some resources for those girls who would like to follow a food science career:

Julie Orr - New Zealand Police

Paddy Hannon - Pilot

The Years 11/12 session was also with the New Zealand Police but with a different angle. Kees Muller from Youth Services spoke to the girls on many issues including driving and their responsibilities.

Year 13 had their session with Steph Burling from Drake Recruitment who talked about employment law, the workplace and how to apply for jobs.

Senior College News

A date next term has been identified as a possibility for the postponed Dinner Dance. Once arrangements have been finalised, more information will be given. Thanks to the Prefects, supported by the Senior College Deans, who have been instrumental in planning this evening.

Senior students with unsupervised tutorials have enjoyed being able to choose to work outside this week in the warm sunshine. It was a brief glimpse of what life at University could offer as the central quad here at times resembled something closer to a college campus. Perhaps it underlined that for some, their time here is starting to run out!

Mr Adam Gordon

Deputy Principal Rathkeale College

Head of Senior College

Coming Up on the Calendar

Week 10 Term Three (last week of Term)

Monday 21 September - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Year 13 Interviews for subjects for 2021, Junior Youth Group, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 22 September - Senior Chapel, Cultural Group Rehearsal, Year Level Meetings

Wednesday 23 September - SMS Patronal Service (TBC), Orchestra, Cultural Group, Viva Rehearsal, Senior Youth Group

Thursday 24 September - Junior Chapel, Jazz Band, Year 9/10 Careers (Primary Industry focus), Wellness

Friday 25 September - 2020 Student Leadership Speeches, Whanau Time (school clean-up), Final Assembly (re-opening of Lazarus)

School Notices

Netball Saturday 26th September

All teams will be involved in games next Saturday. These are finals for all grades. Boarders will need to make arrangements to stay in on Friday night to attend these. We are trying to make arrangements for some games to be played mid-week, however this may not be possible.

Rachel Shearing

Sports Department

Uniform Shop

Summer uniform orders due at the end of this term:

The last date to order summer uniform this year is the 5th October. Please review your uniform and let the Uniform Shop know if there is any chance that you will need either new or 2nd hand uniform for term 1. There is no obligation to buy, but it will mean that enough stock is ordered, in the correct sizes.

White blouses for year 13s: there is usually a shortage of good 2nd hand white blouses, so it is very important that year 12s order their white blouses now! The order for winter blouses (plus senior skirts and other winter uniform) will be placed at the beginning of February 2021.

Please email Juliet with any questions: smcsuniforms@trinityschools.nz


Effort Grade Report Five will be published to the portal at the end of the term. This report concentrates on core subjects only for Years 7-9 (Maths, English, Social Studies, Science, PE, Languages (Y9), core and option subjects for Year 10, and NCEA subjects for Year 11.

A reminder that the portal is open for you to view assessment results, awards and groups.

There will be one more Effort Grade Report for the Year next term. This will be a report for all subjects.

Dates for the End of the Year

Below are end of year dates:

Thursday November 11 - Senior College Prizegiving 7pm

Monday November 16 - NCEA National Exams begin

Friday December 4 - Non-NCEA students released from instruction Carol Service and Leavers' Service - 6pm St Matthew's Parish Church

Saturday December 5 - St Matthew’s Prizegiving -ALL students required - 12pm Wairarapa College (Please note change of time from 9am)

Wednesday December 9 - NCEA National Exams end; School and Boarding House(s) Officially closed

Monday December 14 - Year 13 Leavers' Ball

Community News

Eco Tip #6 - Lily Burgin Penlington Year 12

Food Waste is a big contributor when it comes to our environmental impact, as mentioned in an earlier tip. While there are many ways to go about starting to reduce your impact, one approach is to try to curate a more waste-free pantry. Here are a few tips that might help:

• Buy in bulk and avoid plastic packaging where possible - this is especially effective with dry goods like cereal, rice, pasta etc.

• Buying less variety can be a good strategy to stay organised - sometimes having too much choice can be overwhelming so try starting with a simple collection of staples which you are able to use in an assortment of different meals

• Plan out meals for the week or a few days in advance and try to eat what you have.

All it takes is for each and every person to take single step in order for us as a community to make a difference.