Tattoos on the Heart By Grace PArolek

Preface and Introduction: The preface and introduction are mainly Father Boyle introducing himself, Dolores Mission, and Homeboy Industries. One story that really spoke to me was about the first kid Father buried because of gang violence. Vincente was eighteen years old when he had to see his twin brother Danny in a casket. Father Boyle says he remembers this scene so well because it his first funeral of this kind. I think this one spoke to me because it shows how we can't fall into bad choices, for our sake and for our loved ones.

Chapter 1: This chapter is called "God, I Guess" because, when Mike Wallace asked one of the homies why Father doesn't turn them in, that was his response. It is about God and how he works in our lives. One story I liked from this chapter was about Cesar. He called Father Boyle one day asking him to help him out. Later, he called Father again late at night to know that he's a son worth having. I think we can relate to this because we want to feel loved and like we're children of God.

Chapter 2: This chapter is called Dis-Grace because many of the gang members feel so full of shame. My favorite story from this chapter is Lula. He didn't do well in school and didn't get much attention. One day, he walked in to Father Boyle's office during a meeting. He was really excited to show him his report card. At first, Father was really confused because he had all Fs. Then, he saw that Lula had no absences and praised him. This made me happy and showed that we all have something to be proud of.
Chapter 3: This chapter is called Compassion because it has many stories of people who had Father Boyle's compassion. It also tells of the immense and incomprehensible compassion God has for us. Anthony's was my favorite story from the chapter. Father went to help him, and Anthony told him he'd always wanted to be a mechanic. Father asked the best mechanic in town to give Anthony a job. He does, and later Anthony showed Father a picture of him and the mechanic. I like this story because it shows that we can do anything we put our minds to.

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