To Build or Not to Build the Dakota Access Pipeline

With a lot of controversy over the construction of the Dakota access Pipeline there will be a process in order to safely begin construction. Property rights is a big concern of some of the natives that have already been here. With that in mind we need to design a pathway that does not interfere with their land. Older generations are also concerned about historical deconstruction, a meeting with them may need to be held to reassure them of the conservation of their culture. Lastly, environmentalists are concerned of the damage this pipeline will do with all of the construction that needs to be done. In the construction plan, we will be energy efficient and create a way to conserve natural habitats.

To promote the building of the pipeline we will need to build relationships and gain trust by the community. "Engineers alone held 389 meetings with 55 tribes regarding the Dakota Access project." ("Dakota Access Pipeline Facts," 2017). If we can get the information out and the facts about the pipeline people will begin to understand and trust that it is meant to help not to do destroy. To gain credibility by the community and protesters, a pipeline route will be made easily accessible to show how it is completely safe does not interfere with property rights. Meetings will continue to be held to assure tribes and others that they will not be affected and that they will actually gain by the revenue that will be made.

With this project costing $3.3 billion, this is no small project and will require additional support. With being such a large project being apart of it will stimulate 8,000-12,000 jobs and earn and estimated $156 million in sales and income taxes. (Park, 2016). This would be a federal contract which would allow for other potential opportunities in the future for other projects. It also creates a positive reputation for us, so others know our name and know it us a very reputable company. We will need support financially as we are $500 million short of being able to complete the project. By creating that reputable name for ourselves it will become easier to raise money to fund the rest of the project.

By partaking in a large project such as this one as an intern it allows me to see each step of the process. By showing interest in this particular project it proves that I am willing to put in the hard work to learn. By this not being a small project, when it comes to small projects i will know how to do it because i will have obtained the knowledge from a larger entity. When they see the hard work that I will put in, it will show my credibility and reliability, and when the project is a success we will be the ones they call for the next piece of work.

References: Dakota Access Pipeline Facts. (n.d.).Retrieved February 27, 2017, from Park, M. (2016, August 26). 5 things to know about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Retrieved February 27, 2017, from


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