Hanuman Tales Chapter One: Guru's Vision

11 Chapters of Hanuman Tales

The fascinating story of Lord Hanuman, standing tall and very close to a Rudraksha forest, must be told. This series of tales comes in eleven chapters beginning with the carving of the stone Hanuman all the way to the present, including the future-envisioned Hanuman Mandapam. At the bottom of this page are links for all other Chapters. Subsequently, the links also exist in all other pages.

Guru's Vision

Honoring Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's visions of Lord Hanuman walking around the San Marga Sanctuary, today a larger-than-life statue of Hanuman stands majestically to the far west end of Kauai Hindu Monastery. Lord Hanuman's jade green form blends befittingly in this Garden Island of Kauai.

Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami

We begin with Gurudeva's vision of Lord Hanuman, as a powerful, overwhelmingly so, inhumanly so, divinely so. Thus it was that Gurudeva set in motion having a massive granite stone sculpture made of Lord Hanuman. His instructions were clear: make Him noble and muscular. He must look powerful, strong.

In Hanuman's left hand, held aloft, Gurudeva asked for a small Iraivan Temple. Just as Hanuman brought the healing mountain from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, he would bring Iraivan from India to Kauai. When future generations ask, "How on earth did an Agamic, hand-carved granite Chola-style Siva temple ever end up on this remote island?" we would smile and say, "Hanuman brought it here."

After he departed to his light-filled world, the monks went to work to fulfill Gurudeva's vision. The Doshi family from California, Tushar, and Alka came forward to sponsor it. They are avid devotees of Lord Hanuman, and after they visited Kauai, they wanted to bring Lord Hanuman to the island.

Jiva Rajasankar and his two sons undertook duties to oversee the carving of the 13-foot-tall piece at a patarai (stone carving shed) south of Chennai. Years later, the carved Hanuman was moved to the Iraivan Temple worksite in Bengaluru.

Jiva's team of carvers added refinements of the carving, adding intricate details, especially to the back, bringing Hanuman up to an amazing standard. This time, Hanuman turned out to be a true masterpiece, perhaps the most beautiful in the world. In all, it took many man-years to make. Finally, in early 2013 Jiva shipped the completed stone, weighing some 15 tons, across the ocean, just as hanuman crossed the sea in his adventures.

The then almost completed Hanuman before its voyage to Kauai


Chapter two continue with Hanuman arrives in Kauai

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