Japan's Structure In Society By: Lesly Pham

One way Japan kept structure in society was by using the feudal system. Which meant that everyone had a role to play in society. First came the shogun who would rule the land almost like an emperor, and rewarded those who served them well with land. Then came the daimyo who would assist/help the shogun rule. After that came the samurais who would protect everyone and fight in battles. Finally came the peasants who provided food for everyone and pays taxes to provide money. This custom helps society because it shows how everyone had a role in society that they were all required to do. Society would be different without the feudal system because no one would know what to do, or who is in charge, therefore creating a power hungry land where everyone fights for power, and ignores the responsibilities of maintaining a strongly structured empire. Which would quickly end up in chaos and the sooner or later the empire would eventually get conquered.

Another way japan kept structure in society was by using the religion, zen. Zen is a religion that emphasis on effort and discipline which was perfect for samurais, this is also why most samurais followed the teachings of zen. According to the religious teachings of Zen to achieve enlightenment one must give up everyday logical thinking. To jolt ones mind masters would come up with question which are also known as koans. One of the most popular koan is, " What is the sound of one hand clapping?" This is important in society because the religious teachings of zen is what teaches a samurai to learns discipline, focus their minds, and over come the fear of death. Which is basically all the features a samurai needs. Society would be different without the religion of zen because samurais wouldn't be as brave of a warrior as they are now.

Finally Japan also kept structure in society was by using Bushido which also means, " The Way of the Warrior." This is a teaching for samurais that called for all samurais to be honest, fair, and fearless towards death. This also teaches samurais to value loyalty and honor more than death. For example a samurai would be so loyal as to gladly die for their lord. This is important for society because it showed how a samurai wasn't greedy so, many people could trust and rely on them more to protect the empire. Japan would be different without this because it wouldn't have many samurais that they could trust and rely, which could lead to rebellion/an upset empire that would sooner or later get conquered because of poor protection.


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