Deferred Dreams By: Alexandra vargas

Theme: Not all the dreams we have are always accomplished


"I have loneliness for my people who live deep in the cool earth. When I pass a squirrel hole, I wish to crawl into it and hide myself. My own people are like me. I must go home to them."

This is trying to state that Tularecito wanted to go and join "his people" because he doesn't really fit in with society. Tularecito never achieved his dream of meeting his people no matter how hard he tried he ended up getting sent to an asylum for violent activities and never completing his dream.

"The chrysanthemums"

"Right in the wagon, ma'am. Rain or shine I'm dry as a cow in there. 'It must be nice' she said 'It must be very nice. I wish women could do such things.' - 'It ain't the right kind of life for a woman"

Elisa is talking to the peddler about her dreams of traveling. She doesn't really leave her house or leave to the city a lot. She would like to travel like he does but in that time women didn't do such things because it's not the "right" for women. Women were seen to stay home and do household things.

"Of Mice and Men"

"O.K. Someday we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs"

George and Lennie's dream was to own a ranch. They wanted to have all these different animals and care for them. Lennie wanted to tend the animals especially the rabbits, and George just wanted to own his own ranch with land and many other things.

Dreams today

Today many people have many different dreams. Some may be reached and some won't always be achieved. Some dreams are too difficult to ask for most people. And that's because the usually don't work or try hard enough. So this results to it not being accomplished. And in all these stories their dreams weren't accomplished because they never really put their mind to it and they didn't try hard enough.

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