City-Life v. Rural-Life Created by: Isiah garza

The city had the harshest working conditions for men women and children, but the children had it the worst. Kids worked in deadly conditions in occupations such as coal mining, chimney sweeping, and in factories. The 19th century was a time of industry and big cities, like London, had a tremendous amount of jobs and not enough adults so they used the kids. Children would work from 12 to 18 hours a day in these harsh conditions that respiratory problems started to arise. Children were either permanently injured or died.

Children in the country had much more safe occupations such as, scaring the crows away from the crops, baking, guard the livestock from straying, pick hops, sow potatoes and beans, gather mushrooms and herd animals to market. All sorts of non-life ruining chores.

Within the streets of the "glorious" London. You would encounter many thieves. Pickpockets would occur on a regular basis in the streets of London due to the large crowds. One minute you would have your wallet the next you wouldn't. Children would be the biggest threat in these types of situations.

Throughout the streets of London, lust was in the air! Young girls and women would sell themselves to men to fulfill their sexual desires. Prostitution was the most highest paying jobs for women in the Victorian Era. Which is really sad...

In the more rural lands of the Victorian Era, you were able to find peace and tranquility. The people were occasionally polite and the wouldn't attempt to snag you're wallets from your coats while taking a stroll through the streets, just a kind, "Hello!" or "Good morning!"

London at the time was completely filthy due to the lack of the sewage system back in the 19th century. Diseases and illnesses spread rampantly through the large communities and the people would only live unto 25 years old due to their horrible living conditions that they were placed in. Many young children died and those who did not, barely survived.

Overall, I'm sure you could easily say that rural life is way more enjoyable than the infectious cities during the Victorian Era due to the finer occupations, comfortable living conditions, and friendly/non-threatening communities.


Created with images by Wolfgang Staudt - "Fire Hydrant"

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