Our Customers Enterprise Group

How we Value our Customers and their Well Being

At Enterprise group our customers are our main focus, without whom we would not be able to run as an organisation. We take pride in ensuring our customers well being is of high standard. As a call center we understand the difficulties customers face when they are called, however we try and make this process as quick and easy for them as we can.

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Achieving customer satisfaction is an objective every organisation should have and within Enterprise Group we offer the chance for our employees to offer suggestions as to how we can increase the customers experience with us. As an organisation we also have certain regulations we follow to ensure customer satisfaction stays level or potentially increases. They are as followed:

• We only call customers between 10-12 and 1-4, by doing this we decrease stress by avoiding typical eating times and key moments during the day

• If the customers do find that the time we contact them is inconvenient then our employees apologize and ask them if there was a time they preferred to be contacted, what would that be

• We try and encourage our employees to build a connection with the customers by creating a personal service giving with the employees giving their first name during the conversation to produce the best response from the customers

• Our employees also follow the policy where they can only ask the customer three times within the conversation if they would like to continue with the survey and if they decline the offers we apologize and wish them a pleasant day

• We also have the option for customers to be taken off of our database by removing them from out database system which results in the customer not being contacted in the future

By following these regulations, we differ to other call centers as we do not continue to hassle the customer and we try to create that relationship with them. The customers well being is important and other goals we have as an organisation come after the customers well being and satisfaction.

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