Born in Udine (IT) in 1995. Since a child i developed my creative attitude at mom's tapestries shop, playing with fabrics and jacquards. First step the superior institute for fine arts "G. Sello" in Udine with a focus on fashion design the last three years. During the last two years i went in Florence at the "Capucci Foundation" for a tailoring course about Madeleine Vionnet and her unique techniques. After two month i went to Verona at the "Fashion Ground Academy" for a seminar and a fashion show tribute to Valentino Garavani. Hungry to learn every day more, I continue my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts "LABA- Libera Accademia di Belle Arti" (RN) where I graduated this October.

Three intense year of university, where I learn few notions about esthetics and contemporary art, push me to London at the prestigious "Central Saint Martin", where i've had the possibility to mix my studies, with the creativity and the artists inside the UAL. My first time at CSM was crazy, so after my Fashion Mix course with the amazing Audrey Ang, i went back home and I work on that collection. The result was an exposition at the Fashion Biennale in Rimini, "Risvolti dell'Abito" with the collaboration of the art magazine LAZMAGAZINE. (https://www.lazmagazine.com)(http://ita.calameo.com/read/005166060fb478458919d , page 44 to 47)

After the CSM course everything change so i move to London again for two other course, one about sustainable fashion and one for my portfolio (with Stephanie Cooper, Elisa Palomino, Alexis Panayiotou, Jo Simpson). Two month where I dedicate all my self, day and night, for the final exposition and my first fashion show.

Keywords: up cycling and still life, this was my starting points for the consideration about a beauty that can be seen as perishable. Caravaggio, Brueghel, Pina Bausch, Azuma Makoto,Joel Peter Witkin, Dennis Oppenheim and Peter Greenaway was just some of the names wich inspired me. This is what you're going to see, a becoming beauty and a becoming nature.

Blessed to show you my collection: MARAVÊE, a word wich means wonderfull. Wonderfull, because I moved from the idea and the perception of death of Sigmund Freud and i saw that the starting point of his studies was the sensation of wonder when you see something, expetially when you see the flowers.

Now, it's time to see...




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