Brochure By Brielke Kikkert

A description of the options that are offered (air conditioning, heated seats, colours,etc) /1

The Nissan skyline gtr had very few options compared to cars today because of its age. Although it is very basic by today's standards, in its time it was ahead of the game. The grr being the higher model came power windows, power mirrors, air conditioning, heat, radio, power seats and power steering. It was offered in a variety of colours these include, blue, grey, black and red.

The different model types of that vehicle (Honda Civc, cx,dx, ex, hx, lx, si) /5

The r33 skyline came in two different models, the higher one being the gtr and the lower one being the gts-t. The major differences between them was the engine and drivetrain. The gtr had a 2.6 inline six twin turbo engine (rb26dett) that produced 320 hp to all four wheels as it was all wheel drive. The gts-t was powered by a 2.5 inline six single turbo(rb25det) that produced 250 to the rear wheels as it was rear wheel drive. The major difference being displacement of the engine and single vs twin turbo. The other significance was all wheel drive vs rear wheel drive.

How many of these vehicles were produced and if they are still in production./2

From 1995 to 1997 a total of 16,520 r33 skyline gtrs were produced. They are no longer in production as production of the r33 ended in 1997.

Fuel Mileage Rating of the latest year?

Fuel mileage was very bad as it was a performance car. The fuel consumption of the r33 was 17L/100k.

Where the vehicle is/was produced and sold /2

The vehicle was only produced in Japan so all skylines are right hand drive vehicles. There are however some in Canada and America as they can be imported here.

The reason I chose the Nissan skyline was because it is a very iconic car in the car scene today. The reason it's iconic is because of its innovation and performance that was well ahead of its time, it also is a very rare car as there was very few made. Another reason it's popular is because of its appearance in the fast and furious movies. Overall the skyline is icon, fast, a pleasure to drive as well as a major head turning, and these are the reason why I chose this vehicle.

The main place where I found my information was from my brother, I asked him questions and tips for this assignment.

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