Immigration By Humberto Ruiz

1. Define your topic/ issue! How are people being affected by this issue? How are you being affected by this issue? How is your family/ friends/ community being affected by this issue?

My topic is about immigration on Austin.People are affected because they are afraid to go outside.I’m affected by my parents are scared so as me because some of my family are immigrants .My community is affected because there's less people on the streets and there's protesting on the plazas with the police.

2. How were these issues affecting people 50 years ago? What lack of freedom did these people experience because of this issue? How are these issues still the same today?

In 50 years ago there were less people immigrating to others countries. The people were having issues because they can get deported to their own country.And they could not go to stores to get food.

3. Predict what it will be like for this group of people 50 years from now. What new rights or freedoms will this group of people be able to experience?

50 years from now there's going to be more people because everyone it’s going to grow and have kids.There's going to be less people racist because there’s are going to be more people that are the same.

4. Who are some vital people to your movement? What did they do to help that was so important? List at least 2 influential quotes from this person.

All the people are important because they can change our president.They just talk but they protest for hours on big stores.

5. What is something that YOU can do, even now as a young student, to help your movement?

I can help by going to the protest with the other people or don’t do something bad.I will go with at least 20 people or more.And also


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