Someone, Sometime Part 6 AnAlysis


In this part we read

Throughout Part 6 we see huge developments within the relationships of characters,

Keith and Sally, begin a romantic and sexual connection, one which triggers Keith and Harry's start of independence of one another.

Harry and Keith, begin to become more independent of each other

The boys and their father, as they begin to develop and grow into their roles as adolescents, which is seen through the poem our father's mood

Harry continues to brood over Miss spencer and her humiliation. We see this in the poem Love, sex and brothers.

And finally Harry develops a new relationship in the form of Sally, a relationship which completely changes Harry's perspective


Part 6 of By The River is hugely significant as it displays a major development in both Harry and Keith's growth into adolescence.

A key aspect of this is Harry's realisation that he and his brother are beginning to become independent of each other, and this is significant due to one another's previous dependence on each other.

We see this independence develop through poems such as Love, Sex and Brothers in which Harry first begins to allow Keith and Sally to spend time alone.

This great leap in maturity that Keith experiences is an isolating development in Harry's life, as it had previously revolved heavily around his family.

Harry's perspectives also change drastically through out this chapter. We see through the poems, before you sleep, in which Harry's father plants the seed of Harry's wonderment of escapade. This is accomplished through his phantasmical descriptions of far away adventures. This leads Harry in later poems such as The railway bridges, where we see Harry 'sit and cry and scream at death, thundering away on the outbound track' and The outband track, where Harry fantasises escaping upon a freight train, without a care for what he leaves behind or where it is heading.

All of which indicate and further reinforce the idea of Harry's desire to escape his town. Which has constantly been a key idea of the book.

But this ideology changes suddenly with the introduction of Claire, a character who opens a new perspective for Harry and allows him to realise he's got a crooked perspective

The single most prominent turning point in this transition of perspective is the final line of Claire's Rain where Claire says 'It's good to start again, don't you think Harry?'

This is monumental to Harry as it not only gives him new perspective on the town, but the floods. And that is huge because the Flood's had taken such a huge negative impact on Harry, and this is the first time we see both the river and the flood portrayed in a positive light, through the introduction of the character Claire.


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