this mango is...

sweet and creamy

smooth, with a firm finish and no fibers

a vibrant yellow

available March to July

primarily sourced from Mexico

it's name - Ataulfo - also is a tongue-twister for the media, retailers...

...and consumers

Not anymore. The National Mango Board launched a new marketing campaign to rename the variety from "Ataulfo" to "Honey," a nickname it's had for years.

"When consumers struggle to pronounce Ataulfo, it can create resistance and lack of understanding for the fruit," says Manuel Michel, executive director for the National Mango Board.

With the name change, the NMB hopes to overcome these barriers of entry and encourage purchase of the fruit.

"Our ultimate objective is to make the Honey mango more mainstream and generate excitement amongst U.S. consumers, retailers and media by providing them a more consumer-friendly name," Michel says.

The rebranding has no effect on USDA or PLU code requirements, and shippers are encouraged to use "Honey" on PLU stickers.

The NMB plans to offer Honey mango POS for retailers soon.

Created By
Pamela Riemenschneider


Photos courtesy of the National Mango Board and Produce Retailer

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