"The Biggest The baddest By: John Reczkowski


The Blue Whale has one of the strangest diet in the world. although it is the biggest animal in the world. it eats one of the smallest aqua marine animals in the world " Krill".


Blue whales are found in open oceans from the icy waters of the extreme Southern Hemisphere to the Islands off Alaska at the northern boundary of the Pacific Ocean. Summers are spent in polar waters because food production is higher there. The diet consists exclusively of krill.

The blue whale almost became extinct around the time period of the 1960’s due to a lot of people whaling and at one point the blue whale almost became extinct and over 29,000 whales were killed during this time and then various countries decided to stop whaling and all of the blue whales because they did not want to kill an entire species of whale. Very few people got rich or even made profit while whaling some whaling ships even got lost sometimes and died and even if they did not get lost the tools used for whaling were not safe so people often died anyway therefore whaling was a big risk.

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