Oakfield News Issue 73 7th November 2020

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Note from our Head

A very warm welcome back to all our families following the half term break - I hope that you all managed some rest and relaxation over the holiday, which I must say already seems a long time ago after just one week back at school!

We are all of course now in our second lockdown period, although I must say it has not as yet been evident in the amount of traffic still on the South Circular! I am so relieved and thankful that schools are remaining open so that we can continue to provide normality for our children and as always would like to thank the staff for continuing to work with dedication, resilience and creativity and you as parents for your ongoing support and encouragement.

It is even more important now that we maintain and continue to review and adapt all the excellent hygiene and social distancing practices that we have been upholding here at Oakfield. You may have noticed that staff are now wearing face coverings at pick-up times as an extra layer of protection, and I would again encourage all those who come on to site to drop off and collect children to continue to do the same if you are able to - thank you.

We all enjoyed the most wonderful bright moment during the week on Wednesday, when Miss Nugent (our CPSHE co-ordinator and Y5 teacher) managed to rearrange her wedding at very short notice following notification of the new lockdown restrictions and then return to us on Thursday as Mrs Winter! The Y5 children and a few of us adults were able to watch via a live link to the church, which was the greatest joy and privilege. An outstanding contribution to the service was made by Matilda Parker in Year 5 who recorded Pachelbel's Canon in D on her violin with Mr Howes at school the previous day, to accompany Miss Nugent on her walk down the aisle. It was absolutely stunning, and we are all incredibly proud of this fabulous effort of teamwork - well done to all concerned! I am sure you will all join me in wishing Mr and Mrs Winter the greatest happiness for their future life together.

The children of course continue to provide bright moments every day, and we are so proud of them for all that they are achieving. I was fortunate enough to teach 4PD the other day and thoroughly enjoyed reading with the children and hearing them discuss a whole variety of different texts in a mature and insightful way, and Year 6 are impressing us all as they take part in practice 11+ interviews with staff from our senior schools, so well done to them!

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful weekend with some precious family time.

Moyra Thompson


Bang! Crash! Pop! Whizz!

Lower Foundation have been learning all about Bonfire and Fireworks night. The children made their own fireworks rockets and helped to make an explosive backdrop for our classroom display.

  • Remember, remember the fifth of November
  • Gunpowder treason and plot.
  • We see no reason
  • Why gunpowder treason
  • Should ever be forgot!
Lots of fizz bang in the classroom!


Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been looking at traditional clothing from many countries around the world. The children loved using international puppets and traditional costumes in their role play. We read the story What Colour is my Hijab? By Hudda Ibrahi and discussed what emotions or feelings could be represented by different colours.

In Maths, we have been ordering items by size. This has been a good challenge. We have used ICT games to help us compare and order items and ordered items of international clothing by size in our Maths books.

Next week, we will be discussing religions and beliefs around the world and making Diwa lamps for Diwali.

As we head into winter, please send children in wearing their duffle coats and practise fastening and unfastening toggles at home so they can get themselves ready speedily.

With best wishes,

Miss Treppass and Mrs. Barrett Nnochiri

The Upper Foundation Team

Year 1

This week in Year 1’s Jigsaw lesson, the children started their new topic of ‘Celebrating Difference’. They started to think about their similarities and differences with their friends; their likes and dislikes, their eye colour, how many siblings they have etc. The children then started to design their own unique Gingerbread man to show how everyone likes to do things differently.

Oakfield with a difference!

Year 2


Celebrate Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) with Traditional Recipes

Day of the Dead, also known in Spanish as Día de los Muertos, is celebrated between October 31 and November 2 and is one of the oldest and most famous celebrations. It's joyous rather than somber, and a family-oriented fiesta to reconnect the living with the dead by building altars to honor the souls of our dearly departed. Seasonal smells and colors are tied to traditional dishes for this holiday.

The Y2 students have cooked some of the typical recipes of the Day of the Dead, and they have done it like authentic chefs

“Pan de muerto” and “Beans and corn salsa”

Perhaps the most widely known foods symbol for Day of the Dead.

Mexicana Main
And dessert!


Year 2 have had a busy week in Maths looking at measuring length. They had to look for things in the classroom that were shorter or longer than 15cm.

It's a matter of inches!

Year 2 also started using the Beebot app on the IPads. We had to program the Beebot to move around the maze and find the flower!

Honey to the Beebot!

Year 6


In Year 6 science this week, we have been investigating the impact of exercise on our heart rate! Some of us had trouble finding our pulse but we got there in the end!

Back in the classroom we were then able to listen to our heart beating using a stethoscope.

Move to the beat

Friday Maths Challenge


Well done to everyone who remembered their raincoats this week! On wet days, the children leave their Hoody tops in the changing room so they have something dry to put on after sports. At this time of year outside, we work on a simple 3-layers rule, so please start wearing your black thermals.

When the weather gets even colder, we would like the children to bring in both their hoody and grey maroon tops- allowing us to have one on with the other kept dry inside to change into at the end if needs be.

Thank you for your assistance

Mr Bower, Director of Sports

Years 3 showing off their sporty skills in their PE lesson this week

ISA Limitless Series for KS2

Parents of Years 3-6 should recieve a letter today from Mr Bower notifying them about the launch of ISA Limitless Skills Series on Monday 9th November 2020. All of the details including how to sign-up are in the letter but we hope many of you will join in the virtual sports opportunity which has been developed by the ISA and the TopYa! Active App.

See the letter from Mr Bower and get active!

Clubs and Activities


Dear acoustic companions,

This week's special Composer of the Week is actually a Musical Family of the Week - the Kanneh-Mason family.

The Kanneh-Masons are a family of seven siblings, who are all musically gifted and work together to bring classical music to young people. After featuring on Britain's Got Talent, they have gone on to have success both as soloists (Sheku won BBC Young Musician of the Year 2016) and as a group. Today, the 6th of Novemeber, they release their debut album, Carnival, which you can listen to online.


ISA Design a T-Shirt Competition

The ISA T-Shirt Design Competition is a great opportunity for pupils to work to a brief in creating a sporting t-shirt that represents the ISA values. Pupils are invited to design the images for the Limitless t-shirt which will then be used as prizes for our National competitions. Show off your awesome graphic design talents by creating a one-of-a-kind t-shirt with an ISA Sport theme

The competition is open now and deadline for submissions is 26th November. Good luck!

Have an amazing half-term everyone!


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