Religion 1450-1750 Adam Boehmer, Ashton Chiang, Milind Renjit

Religion during the 1450 to 1750 time period was very diversified across the globe.

Religion based off Demographics

East Asia: Influence of Buddhism- Samurais detachment from pain. Neo Confucianism, including religion through trade. The women increased restrictions, and the lower class was better.

Western Europe: Reformation- split in Church in the Protestant, Catholic Enlightenment. This area was a very heavy part of the Scientific Revolution, less religious, secular.

Eastern Europe: Orthodox Christianity Tsar supported by Church. In this area, women dressed as those in the West.

South Asia: Gupta- caste system, Hinduism. Classical-religion flourished

Latin America: Missionary dominant force to conversion, African belief system (due to slave trade), and Christianity was dominant.

Middle East: Conservative movements, an enduring influence on Western civilization. While this article treats only those religions of Middle Eastern antiquity that have not survived to modern times, special attention is given in the introduction to their role as antecedents of the major Western religions (i.e., Judaism, Christianity, and Islām).

Changes in Religion (1450-1750)- Split in Western Christianity

Protestant Christianity broke from Roman Catholic Christianity, Martin Luther led attacks on Roman Catholic corruption and practice. This essentially emphasized equality among believers.

Christianity Spread: Both Protestant and Roman Catholic groups made efforts to spread Christianity to the Americas and parts of Asia.

Reforms in Islamic World: Several groups worked to attack corruption of Islam and syncretism (mixing of Islam with other cultures and beliefs)

Arab Peninsula: Return to Wahabism (1700s) and strict adherence to monotheism and the sharia which combined with a new political state in Arabian peninsula.


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