Save the fin whale by Quinn barry

what a fin whale looks like?

What is grey blue, black and white living in the ocean? It is a mammal, a fin whale! First let's look at the size of the fin whale. The adult is about 6.5m\24mc 70000kg.second you obviously need to know what it looks like. The fin whale body color is blue,black,white,and grey and the skin is smooth.Lastly there are other interesting facts that you probably don’t know about.The fin whale lives in herd the average litter is one. It is also a mammal that means they lay eggs and it can swim up to 2 mph. It is the second largest mammal in the ocean.If you ever get to see one of these amazing creatures take time to observe its unusual appearance.

where a fin whale lives

Of course if you ever have a chance of seeing a fin whale you’ll obviously need to know where fin whales live.First fin whale live world wide in deep offshore waters only in the ocean so you won't find it in a lake.secondly the water temperature is mostly -2 -30 degrees c. 28-86.they migrate 12,000 miles to the arctic or antarctica. Finally they rest quietly in the water vertically or horizontally. Now that you know where you can find these beautiful creatures maybe one day you will be lucky enough to actually see one.

What a fin whale eats?

Can you believe that there are only 100,000 fin whales left in the world that is so sad! Here are some reasons why these beautiful creatures are dying. First vessel strikes are hitting fin whales vessel strikes can injure or kill fin whales that means boats are hitting fin whales and killing them.Second climate change makes the water temperature rise so it is not the right temperature for the fin whales.last entanglement in fishing gear the fishing line hooks the fin whales and they die. It also takes from their food source. Clearly fin whales have a lot of reasons why fin whales are on the endangered list.


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