Pittsfield By: paRker scray

This is where pittsfeild is on the map it is small but it bis there.

This is the map of pittsfeild as u can see it is kinda of in the middle of every.

The First Thing That Was Talked About At The Meeting Was. Fixing The Roads. So They Hired Someone To Come In And Fix The Roads.

The second thing that was talked about was snow plowing. They hair a company to come in and plow and they plan on doing that again, so they mad a 10,000 dollar budget for snow plowing.

the third thing that was brought up at the meeting was a dona shin to the fire depramted for a new truck or new gear and they made the dona shin.

The lasted thing that was talked about was parks. they want to fix them up and they maybe even make some new ones and get better ones, and that was the end of the meetings.

I think that fixing the road is the most important thing the town need to fix because without roads how would we get around and get places. So I think that it was a good idea to hire someone to come in and fix the road that way they will stay on good condition and be safe to drive on.

Address form Pittsfield town hall. 3041 kunesh north rd, Pulaski wI 54162

Pittsfield aslo has a trap club and it helps with a lot of fundraising and getting new and better things for Pittsfield

The end

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