Police Shootings A long journey in which still processing


What makes police shooting investigations so hard and time consuming?

What are the police officers that are alive going to do this year?

How are police strategies changing to prevent future police shootings?

Is there standard protocol for how to confront someone who's armed?

Why is there a recent rise in homicides?

What makes police shooting investigations so hard and time consuming?

The reason that police shooting investigations take so long to figure out is because, the police station, first has to investigate the use of force before they are able to pass it down, and that could take days. This can be true, even with the extent of the shooting. Justin Fenton, a writer at ‘The Baltimore Sun’ claims, “Attorneys are assigned to the cases from the beginning, and completed police investigations are reviewed at various levels before they reach Mosby.” A result of this may be the victim’s family gets upset because they do are unaware whether or not their loved one’s killer will be charged or not, or whether their loved one's killer was involved in their death. Walter Katz, author of Enhancing Accountability and Trust with Independent Investigations of Police Lethal Force, states, “ In the current system of shooting investigations, the involved officer’s own agency investigates the fatal use of force before turning the case over to the local prosecutor for review.” This being said, the reason that police shooting investigations are so time consuming is because they have several different stages that are required to go through before they are able to choose whether or not the police officer is guilty or innocent.

What are the police officers that are alive going to do this year?

Recent studies have shown that the law enforcement officers, and officials will be trying a new device to detect gunshots, and where they may be. This may be able to help with the homicide rise. The Associated Press, states, “We’ve never seen a year in my memory when we’ve had an increase of this magnitude in officer shooting deaths.” The result of this may create a chain reaction into the police department to find a way to stop the increase of police officers that have been murdered. Patrick M. O’Connell, a writer from McClatchy, states, “ShotSpotter captures audio of gunfire and attempts to pinpoint its location, officials said. The technology will be integrated with districts' computerized map-based prediction tools, which the mayor and police commanders said will help reduce shootings.”This could help prevent the accusation of the firing of a firearm. If the ShotSpotter fixes that, then there wouldn’t be as much of an increase of hate crimes, because then we would know what actually happened with the gunshots.

How are police strategies changing to prevent future police shootings?

Police strategies are changing by strengthening the police-community relationships. This can be helpful because it can improve the trust in the police officers. Washington Times, states, “The Metropolitan Police Department is adopting a new patrolling strategy that focuses on cultivating relationships between police officers and residents in an ongoing effort to reduce crime.” As a result, this can help reduce crime because the community and residents of the city have stronger communication skills instead of resorting to violence. Also, there are police experts that are stating how this could help in the future. The Huffington Post exclaims, “many police forces are working to build trust with their communities. Police experts say that improved relations can be attributed largely to common-sense approaches that build on the philosophy known as community policing.” As a result, this can eventually lead to the decrease of police shootings, and violent crimes in general. This is because if someone puts trust into an important person in the world’s society, that will lessen the amount of violence in the criminal justice fields.

Is there standard protocol for how to confront someone who's armed?

There are several different rules and steps that the police officers need to follow when in the situation of an armed suspect. This can be helpful when under pressure of a firearm. Ryllie Danylko, a writer for Cleveland.com, states, “Though officers may have less than a second to decide whether to shoot, they need to take various factors into account. They must consider the suspect's size, age, known history of violence or mental disability, availability of weapons and the suspect-officer ratio.”As a result, the police are required to do certain things when in danger, and that would lead to a decline in violence. Also, there are protocols about the distance away from the victim the police officer should be. Business Insider, states, “For instance, research has shown that a suspect who comes within 21 feet of an officer can inflict harm before the cop has time to react. So officers try to distance themselves from the suspect.” As a result, the police officers are safer in the long run if they follow this protocol.

Why is there a recent rise in homicides?

It is shown with evidence that there are other reasons, excluding police shootings that the rate of homicides and violent crimes have increased. This is helpful to know because it shows that there are more problems out there than just police shootings. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, states, “The heroin epidemic, a resurgence in gang violence and economic factors in some cities were all offered as explanations, but the most contentious theory came from an agency that usually does not worry much about local crime.”As a result, this shows that there are several different reasons the the homicide rates are rising other than police shootings, although, police shootings are still a huge problem in the world's society these days. Also, there are statistics that show that violent crime rates have risen in the past two years. Mark Berman, a writer for the Washington Post, states, “All told, the country reported its highest estimated violent crime rate in three years, and while these numbers are far below those seen one or two decades earlier, they mark a sharp increase following two years of declines, the FBI’s summary of crime figures showed.”As a result, this can be used as a visual to show that violent crimes, which is a little broad, could also be an example of police shootings have risen in the past two years of decline. The rise is significant and noticeable because, before it was declining and now it is rising.


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Epidemic: A widespread occurrence of something

Inflict: Cause (something unpleasant or painful) to be suffered by someone or something.

Lethal: Sufficient to cause a death

Integrated: With various parts or aspects linked or coordinated


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