Sharing Self-directed Professional Learning LB 1. 6.1

OCT Expectation:

Understanding effective practices specific to content-based instruction and the development of academic language within subject areas.


What did I learn?

How to effectively use a variety of practices that can be specific to content-based instruction that are proven to be effective for ELL’s development of academic language within subject areas.

How to create, write and implement effective language objectives in different subject area lessons and how this can bring immediate benefits the instruction of ELL’s.

How to use/apply these different ideas and resources to help support teachers as well as within my own teaching practice.

As a teacher you are proving content and language instruction. Not just seeing yourself as just a math teacher or just a social science teacher.

How is this relevant to me?

I have had experience in different subject areas within elementary and secondary. More recently I have been a dance teacher and currently I am in a short LTO as a Student Success teacher. Understanding effective practices that are specific to content based instruction and the development of academic language will help me to be an effective ESL teacher and subject specific teacher. This is something I can adapt wherever I am teaching and what subject I may be responsible for delivering. I have learned that when more specific and concrete teaching forms are explicitly taught and when there are many thoughtful learning opportunities are created for ELL’s, this is when they best acquire the English language.

So What?

How will I put my theory into practice?

I will use these strategies within my own classroom setting as well as share them with fellow teachers who are looking for ways to engage and help ELL’s development of academic language acquisition.

I would like to conference with other teachers to see how they approach teaching the development of academic language to ELL’s within their subject areas. I would like to see how their own practices are similar or how they may be different from the ones I read about.

Now What?

How can I use this learning?

I can apply these specific strategies in the classroom setting.

When lesson planning, I can begin to incorporate language objectives into my lessons that not only prove to be beneficial to ELL’s but for all students in a class. Outlining the academic language to be learned and mastered in each lesson would give clarity and be helpful to all students.

In my role as a Student Success teacher, I can share these strategies with fellow teachers who are in need of new practices for ELL’s as well as any other students that is in need of engagement and more rich learning opportunities.


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