Graphic Portraits Hasti hojjatzadeh

Renaissance portrait
Final work

For this Renaissance Self-portrait we have to search Renaissance portrait (1400 A.D. to 1700 A.D.) and then choose one picture that we like and then we should put our face (our picture that we took in the class) on the head of the person's portrait that we chose. I put my face's picture in the head of the woman's portrait that I chose. Then I had to change the color balance because it had to be same color as the body and I change my eye brows color as the hair color. I added some noise to make it same as the body that had some noise on it. I also added tattoo on her shoulder and Adidas mark on the top of her clothes. I put nails with nail polish on her nails and I added one gold ring in her finger. For the background I used "Old City Hall and Nathan Philip's Square in Toronto" Photo. The coolest part is when I put my face in others person's face and make the color same as the body. I had some problem in the color tones but I tried different color and I found the best color that I wanted. This assignment helped strengthen my skills in Photoshop and my familiarity with the tools. Now I know more how to use the Photoshop and I'll use this skills for doing more strong work.

Traditional Photo Portraits
Rationale for Traditional Photo Portrait

For the Steve Carty portrait assignment I took portraits of him and 2 students in my class. I used three lightings that were back hard light, side booming light, and front light. For the back hard light we positioned behind the whiteboard of our model that it makes the picture supernatural and special feel. For the side booming light one person should hold the light above the model's face and it focus on the model’s figure. The last one that it was front light that we used the light box on head level of the model and it made the photo too bright so we put the whiteboard for the background and change the lighting level on the camera. I learned new skills of Steve and how to work and change the light on the camera and taking a good portrait photo with a nice light. I'll use this skills for taking professional portrait photo of my friends and make money with it.

Surreal Self-Portraits

Mr. Melonhead




original portrait

Final image


For my Surreal Portrait I drew 10 Roughs from the pictures that I searched for the research. I took my photo that Soroush took of me that I looked up. I decided to put my head in the fish bowl and put the fishes outside of the fish bowls. I used different layers in this assignment and I changed the background to a red and white shadow that these colors showed the outside of the water and the color of the inside the fishbowl was blue-green that it showed the water. I changed the color of the fishbowl to show the difference between the inside the fishbowl and outside of it and also I put white shadow to show the glass of the fish bowl. I also put the shadow of the fishes on the fishbowl to show that it was more real. I had lots of problem on the layers and I had to change their place to know which one was better and also for the background because when I Changed it to the dark color it made the fishbowl so dark but after that I got that I had to erase the parts of the fishbowl in the background layer if I don't want it's color change. In this project I learned how to work with different tools and it helped strengthen my skills in Photoshop. I will use this skills for doing more strongest work and working more with Photoshop.

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