The Renaissance By: Leslie Martinez

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance by the Mongolians. How the Mongolians helped the Silk Road is because since the Silk Road became un-safe people wouldn't travel on the Silk Roads because it became dangerous but once the Mongolians gained control in China the silk roads became safe again and Marco Polo was able to travel safely. The renaissance was the movement and the spark.(Holt 279).

Italian Trade Cities

The trading centers is important because some of the bankers were some family members of the Medici. Each families that buy more thing show how powerful they are. All of the Trade Cities they are located on the Northern Italy. The city of Florence was able to help the Renaissance because they were wealthy. Also some of the Italian Trade Cities were Florence, Milan, Venice, and Genoa.

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Medici family
Rediscovering the past

How they help develop the Renaissance is because the Greek and the Roman helpless give ideas by..... How they helped is because they gave ideas to the Renaissance so they can add more details. So it can look more similar to The Greek and Rome sculptures.

Leonardo de Vinci

Leonardo de Vinci was the best artist he was the one who created the Mona Lisa painting that is very famous. Also he created something that will make you fly. Until 2000 people in a science team tried to recreate one of his flying invention and it worked.


The video will focus on Leonardo’s De Vinci's Art, anatomy, architecture,ect.

Paper and printing

These are photos of the movable type and the printing press this made an impact for radar is by now we can just print things out fast. For example back then they had to do a process. An now we just print it out with a printer. (Holt pg:313)

Renaissance writing

How it reflected the ideas of humanism is by Dante he wrote in the languages people would understand. Shakespeare writing attracted a wide audience is because a lot of people would read his books so they would go to the play. Also not only rich people would go but poor people would go. His plays were funny and sad. His plays were big so the place he would go play the play had different section. Like the bottom would be for the poor and they would have to stand up. So basically the stage would go from poor to richest.

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