What happens inside your head when you get a concussion? Presented by: Emma Sinnen

When you're playing sports and you get injured because you got knocked in the head... Don't you feel like you just got your brain ripped out?

Even the best of the best get knocked in the head a few times...
Getting hit in the head and getting a concussion is really hard to prevent, and is pretty easy to get in rough sports like hockey and even skateboarding,
In the first article I looked at it stated that you can even get a concussion from hitting your head slightly if your skull is fragile.
Sometimes helmets can't even do what there job is... to protect you from brain damage.
What happens inside you head when you get a concussion is, you hit your head and then your brain moves back and forth causing damage, that's why a concussion hurts.
The reason it hurts when you get sound waves, (aka when someone talks) the sound waves can't make it to you brain as well because of the damage. And that's what causes pain when someone is speaking.
Getting hit by anything will make the recovery time a lot longer because it disrupted the healing time and that's why you take a break from school.
That concludes my presentation, any questions?


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