My favorite Tim li

Rest time is very important.Should be appropriate to relax.Me interesting is play 300 Heros. I think is very fun.I play this game 2 years.This game is jumped by the Shanghai R & D 3D animation hero online games. Players will be the embodiment of the Summoner, choose hundreds of different types of animation hero into the game fierce battle.Is a 7V7 game.

This is a easy games,you need control Q W E R D F and cursor.You only kill people,You need destroy the enemy tower, and destroy the enemy base, you will win the game.Win will be able to get experience and money, Used to upgrade and purchase equipment.up to 40 levels.You can also team up with friends to fight, so winning will be higher.

This game there are four modes.Respectively:arena,battlefield,Dragon Quest Dragon.

Arena:Summoner at the beginning only one level, you need to take the line,kill people, playing wild strange, destroy the enemy tower to upgrade.Playing monsters, killing, destroying enemy towers will get money, money can be used to buy equipment, the higher the money can buy more powerful equipment.And finally to destroy the enemy base to win

Battlefield:You have to go through the money to buy equipment, with your equipment to destroy the enemy's crystal and then get 3000 points or destroy the enemy's base to win.

Dragon Quest Dragon:By doing the task or to complete the activities to get the chest, the chest will be out Dragon call character,In the arena use Gragon call character there will be different dragon, beat them will get rich rewards

The main characters:Kirito is a very challenging hero,he very difficult to control.He is a warrior.Skill consumption, kill arbitrary.Outfit a lot of choice of equipment, pure meat flow, half of the meat flow, the output stream, exclusive flow each have their own play, and can change the play in the war situation.

yuuki asuna:She is the "sword of God" in the heroine,Output and auxiliary perfect glory strong single kill hero group battle excellent supply ability in the early establishment of battlefield advantage to lay the final victory。

himura kenshin:Sudden displacement of the mandatory displacement in one of the heroes, in terms of individual ability is exceptional excellent melee hero, so far his best position is the sudden half-meat AD

When I was young, I liked playing this kind of game.because this game is very interesting.

This game can improve your ability to improve your team's ability to let you learn how to cooperate with his teammates, because the game operation buttons are very many experts are also many ordinary games are very simple. The game was introduced to me by my friend, and at first I found it very interesting. Because if you are the first time to play this game, it will give you a match to you and some of the same novice, so you slowly improve their level, the higher your level, matching the players will be more powerful. At the beginning, you kill a person will be very happy, but after playing a long time, you will have a sense of hierarchy, the higher your level and level, you can kill more people, you will find in your play Bad time, you only kill less than five people, you will have a sense of shame, you will not want to start playing so happy to the back, you encounter a lot of powerful players, you will A bureau increasingly hard to become a veteran of the old players, let others see your name on the fear, it is you will have a sense of accomplishment, from an unknown to the novice to everyone who knows your old players This is a very simple game, a total of three roads, road, road and road. You only need to manipulate QWERDFZ. The game is divided into four modes: arena, battlefield, qualifying, and brave fight dragon. Arena: Summoned is a level 1 start, can only buy some simple equipment, you need to play through the wild strange, with lines, killing, demolition tower to upgrade and get money, up to 18. Battlefield: You need to use To win the game money to buy equipment on the battlefield can only use the equipment you buy over to kill, demolish the tower, the battlefield is much more difficult than the arena, you will encounter top players. Ranking: to improve their strength through the paragraph to enhance their strength.Tonglong field: through access to the chest to get different levels of the dragon call signs. Every mode has a different pleasure and fun, are very interesting. There are also some use rate is High hero, saber is a very high rate of hero, her operation is very simple, is a full-featured heroes, what equipment will do.Acher is a gunjler.Is a very simple hero, its base damage is very high, as long as the fight through the wild can become strong, his big move is the team harvest, as long as you play in teammates when the team fight on the line.Kriko is my Favorite hero,he very hard to control.But This hero is very challenging.The hero's winning percentage is not high, mobility is very high.Is my favorite hero.These are my usual favorite to play the hero, this game is simple, but very interesting, 4 models have 4 different fun and games are played. Is an adult and children can play the game.Beautiful scenes, rich figures, changing patterns, but also with small partners to play with. In the play constantly improve their technology, so we put you in mind.The game will also update, update more heroes and patterns, so that we feel more diversified scenes

This game has some bug,Some people and map design is not accurate enough, but still give us a lot of fun.

The game as a whole is a very diversified, very blood of the game. I will always support it, I hope this game will be better.

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