WHI, COVID-19, and You a social media toolkit

Download the images below to share on social media and feel free to use the suggested posts! We will continue to add images, graphics, and suggested posts over the following days or weeks.

Suggested Post: "Keeping a clean and sanitary environment is vital to containing the spread of #COVID19 and other infectious diseases. Clean your house and clean your hands! Learn more about what you can do at https://www.worldhope.org/project/covid-19/" 

Suggested post: "Please wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, frequently! Sanitation is critical to managing outbreaks of infectious diseases like #COVID19 and why @WorldHopeOrg focuses on sanitation in their clean water and health projects. Good health starts with us."

Suggested Post: "58% of deaths/year are because of unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene. That's why ensuring health facilities have clean water & sanitation is so important! Especially with outbreaks like #COVID19, #watermatters! https://www.worldhope.org/project/covid-19/"

Suggested Post: "Germs & diseases don't stop at borders, but they can stop with proper sanitation! This is one of many reasons clean water matters for health & why @worldhopeorg is working to provide access to clean water for communities & healthcare facilities: https://www.worldhope.org/project/covid-19/ #COVID19"

Posts that connect current WHI projects that are helping to prevent and stop outbreaks like COVID-19:

  • "To prevent future zoonotic outbreaks like #COVID19, we need to work alongside vulnerable communities to end indiscriminate hunting or consumption of wild animals. @worldhopeorg's Jahoo Gibbon Camp is doing that now! https://worldhope.org/project/jahoo-gibbon-camp/ #biodiversity2020"
  • "Hospitals need power – especially during times of disease outbreak like #COVID19 when capacity is already stretched and need is extreme. That's why @worldhopeorg is installing a #solar-array in a hospital in #Haiti! Learn more: https://worldhope.org/project/hopital-wesleyan-de-la-gonave/"

Want to help us fundraise? Here's the link! https://support.worldhope.org/us-emergency-relief/covid19


Cover photo: Artistic depiction of Coronavirus (Image: Google Images)