The Florida Museum of Natural History is honestly such an interesting place. There is so many different exhibits ranging from carnivore plants, fossils, history of Florida's native people, waterways of Northwest Florida, the butterfly rainforest, and so much more depending what is on temporary exhibit. I particulary enjoyed this museum because I love history, especially the history of Florida.

Nature on Display

One exhibit that was appealing to me was about the people of South Florida, which mainly focused on the Calusa people who once roamed those areas. I really enjoyed this area because it showed all aspects of life of the Calusa people. It even had a small version of a Calusa's leader house in the musem which was amazing and so realistic. Furthermore, there was other realistic models of the shell mound of the Calusa people, along with a boat which also allowed you to really understand how these people lived because you can't get that from a picture in a book.

Nature and Ethics

The particular exhibit that allowed me to "love, respect, and admire" the land was the butterfly rainforest, along with the butterfly exhibit. The rainforest so was absolutely amazing. I was totally amazed by all the butterflys flying around and how well the exhibit was put together. I never seen so many butterflies in my life, nonetheless, see them this close.While walking through the butterfly rainforest, I forgot I was in a museum and allowed me to connect with nature. Additionally learning about these unique creatures in the butterfly exhibit was also very helpful in understanding how conservation efforts are working to help preserve these amazing creatures.

Tree Nymph in the Butterfly Rainforest

Nature and the Human Spirit

The exhibit of Florida fossils was mind-bowing. I would have never guessed that Florida was once home to giant sloths, rhinos, and large armadillo like animals. This exhibit allowed me to realize how different times were hundred of thousands of years ago. Moreover, how the evolution process of animals is absolutely amazing. Many of these animals who skeletons are on display are extinct which adds even more mystery to nature, and this extinction of animals is not slowing down. This part of the museum truly opened my eyes to why we need to conserve our environment, to keep the mystery and majesty in our world.

All photos were taken by myself, Savanna Ogburn

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