Opinion: School Safety Sam Kriese

This year, Lawrence North has experienced some heavy improvements on security. Although many students have shown their disapproval of this choice made by Lawrence Township, including myself, this move to make security an important issue at LN can actually benefit us as students. However, I think every student should know that the added security isn’t because they don’t trust us, but because they want us to be in a safe school environment. With this came the biggest and the most noticeable additions to security, the metal detectors at Door #11.

The metal detectors are one of the most important changes as they provide us with the safe and secure feeling throughout the school year. They detect weapons that students might be carrying into LN, which of course, is a good thing. In fact, when New York first implemented metal detectors back in 2014, in that year alone, over 1,600 weapons were confiscated by the police. For the next three years, over 4,000 weapons were confiscated in those same schools.

Not only can metal detectors just ‘detect metal’, but what they also can do is act like a deterrent. The presence of the metal detectors may be enough to prevent violence if the attacker thinks they’ll be likely to be caught. Especially if the attacker was unaware of the detectors before hand. There is no way to really calculate how many people didn’t attack because of the deterrent, but it's definitely something that everyone should consider.

Now not only should we consider the importance of stopping attackers, but we should consider how the staff and security at LN feel. 2017 and 2018 alone have been a huge impact on how schools should handle security. With school shootings happening more frequently than ever before, the staff and security have to been on edge to protect us. Although it may seem like they don’t trust us, it is important for students to remember that they are trying to protect us as best as they can.

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