Marriage is Good Evin olds

Studies are finding that married couples experience lower levels of heart disease, cancers, flu, Alzheimer’s, depression and stress
One study has gone so far as to say the impact of marriage on health and life expectancy, particularly in men, is almost equivalent to giving up smoking.

Smoking takes an average of 7 years off of a mans life but marriage is said to give him and extra 7 years. Marriage gives woman an extra 3 years.

Married people live longer and have healthier lives.

Studies say that nine out of ten married guys who are alive at 48 will make it to age 65 while only six out of ten single guys will.

Married men make, by some estimates, as much as 40 percent more money than comparable single guys even after controlling for education and job history.

The longer a man stays married, the higher marriage premium he receives

Married couples manage money better and build more wealth together than either would alone.

Closing in on retirement, the averaged married couple has assets worth about 410,000. The never-married has assets worth about 167,000. The divorced has assets worth about 154,000


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