Plate Tectonics project - Haiti earthquake By: jasmin morgan

Damages and residue which resulted after the earthquake occured.

On January 12, 2010 near the west Indian Island of Hispaniolia countries Haiti and Dominican Republic dealt with a devastating earthquake killing more than 230,000 people. The Haitan government count was 300,000 and many people were displaced because of this incident.

The earthquake started around 4:53 pm 15 miles southwest of the Haitian capital which is Port-au-Prince. Haiti had not been hit by an earthquake since the 1800's so this is why the earthquake was pretty much unexpected. Geologists blame the cause of the earthquake on the movement of Carribean Plate Tectonics triggering a huge disturbance. The map below shows the intensity of shaking and the degree of damage caused by this Haitan earthquake.

This is a Rare image of Haiti in 2009 before the earthquake came about, as you can see Haiti seemed very clutered and people stayed together keeping themselves busy unwittingly knowing of this upcoming disaster

The earthquake created 7.8 billion-8.5 billion dollars in damage. It damaged airports, roads (paved roads) and destroyed more than 100,000 homes. Schools and government buildings were also destroyed as well. Haiti was already not a very wealthy country and the fact that the earthquake struck as the country was growing again as a whole affected a lot.

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Created with images by newbeatphoto - "haiti_postearthquake05" • CDC Global Health - "Haiti earthquake refugee child playing with kite"

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