the real killer of the 35th President

The assassination of the 35th President

At 12:33pm President Kennedy was in his limo on his way to a presidential meeting, but as they passed the Bookstore Depository shots were fired at the president.

Both the president and Governor Connally were shot at but hitting the governor was an accident.

People who were there seid that three shots were fired but two out of the three hit Jfk, and one did hit the governor.

Emergence people were there on the scene in a second. They tried effortlessly to revive the president as best they could but were sadly unsuccessful. But for Connally, it was a different story “From one bullet, he sustains three broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken wrist. The bullet finally lodged in his left thigh.”

At 1:00pm “46-year-old John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, is declared dead, becoming the fourth US president killed in office.”

seconds before his death

Is that really what really happened

The CIA could have been apart of Jfk's death. Why tho? The CIA was upset about the changes being made within The CIA. but they did not want Kennedy to discharge CIA agents for disagreeing with him. Other theories of the assassination, an agency contract killer gone rogue.

The killer might have been hidden under the deadly umbrella it is a video:

there could have been a second shooter . Some believe the shooter was hiding on a hill behind a fence that was located to the right of JFK's vehicle. Oswald could have fired a first shot from his perch, and then a second shooter fired from somewhere that we don't know. But we also suspect that if there was a second shooter he or she could have been with Oswald in the Bookstore Depository shooting at The President.

Information that you may not know about the death

Lee Harvey Oswald (killer) was actually arrested for shooting a police officer, Dallas patrolman J.D. Tippitt, 45 minutes after killing President Kennedy (maybe he planned to get arrested so the other people could get away so he shot the officer as a divergent). He would not speak of what one and he even took a lie detector test but failed horribly, as he was being transferred to a jail two days later, he was shot and killed by Dallas nightclub runner Jack Ruby.

“killing or attempting to harm a president wasn't a federal offense until 1965, two years after Kennedy's death because the senate was tired of the killers.”

the funeral

On Monday, November 25, 1963 President Jfk was laid to rest in “Arlington National Cemetery”. The funeral was attended by leader from more than 150 countries, with millions more watching on TV. Afterward, at the grave site, Mrs. Kennedy and Kennedy’s brothers, Robert and Edward, lit an eternal flame in honor of the deceased President that will be the last assassination to today.

the Presidents funeral

about the killer

The killer, Lee Harvey Oswald had a rough childhood which leid to him killing the President of the united states of america.

When he was born his dad died of a heart attack 2 months after he was born and the mom could not support he and his brother so she put him and his brother up for adoption.

Oswald finally found a home that wanted him after rejection after rejection, but he had something deep down inside that would corrupt him.

In school he was bad, bad, and bad. Every day after school he had detention or he got iss or oss a lot.

When he got older he fell in love with a girl named Marina. And they both wanted to work for the soviet union. Boom, they got married in the soviet union and had a kid. But his general got upset with him and fired him. But Oswald did not like that, so he got a sniper rifle (that would kill Jfk) and tried to shoot his general but failed and he fled the country to the USA.

Oswald's mug shots

He got a job at the Bookstore Depository in dallas texas. So on November 22, 1963 three shots rang out from the sixth story of the Bookstore Depository right at the President

the conclusion

the conclusion that i have come up with or have chosen is that there was a second shooter some ware. It is very possible that one of the three shots came from someone beside Oswald because he could not have shot all of them and hit the targets right on. If there was another shooter he or she would be up in the tower with Oswald to get some accurate shots at the President. In conclusion I think Oswald did not act alone.


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