Hit Me with Your Best Shot - Rock of ages By Sophie Zidar

The performance, 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot', performed in the famous musical Rock of ages, is one of the most intriguing and entertaining pieces from the musical. It was one of the routines that started off all the fighting and conflict between the 'goodies' and the 'rockers'. The choreographer of this unique routine is Mia Michaels and it was choreographed for specifically the 'goodies' in the musical. The two movement components that will be analysed are space and energy, and the two non-movement components that will be analysed is dancers and costumes. These specific components stood out the most in this dance by stating the choreographic intent very clearly. Overall, the choreography and performance of this piece was very well done by the female dancers and the choreographer, Mia Michaels.

The two specific movement components that made the intent of the piece very noticeable, was space and energy. The space in the dance, 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot', was used through tight groups of the female dancers walking down the aisle of the church, and then the majority of the dancers spreading out into the church seats. This was all while the main female dancer, Catherine Zeta Jones aka Patricia Whitmore, stayed in the church aisle with two other back up dancers, or alone. The reason why the choreographer created the space in this specific way was so she could convey to the audience that through all of the tight groups for dance breaks and the spreading out into the church seats and thrashing around, these actions easily symbolise the frustration and hatred the 'goodies' have towards Stacee Jaxx and his 'rocker' gang, but it also showed the determination they have to get rid of him and his 'rockers' once and for all. By Mia Michaels doing this, she has clearly been able to show the choreographic intent and what the is really about.

Another movement component that was observed in the performance was high amounts of energy. The energy that was clearly seen was shown through the dancers striking feminist movements, and also their over-the-top facial expressions and emotions in the routine. The main reason why this specific type of energy was effective and believable for this routine was to show the viewers that the 'goodies' despised of Stacee Jaxx and his rock and roll ways, because their high energy movements symbolised their anger and disgust towards him and his gang, and what they were planning to do to the laws of the city. The energy also showed how they were going to handle this situation by destroying and getting rid of Stacee Jaxx and his group of 'rockers'. As people can see, Mia Michaels has obviously been able to make the dancers portray these emotions in a specific way to express the choreographic intent as much as possible.

Secondly, there were two specific non-movement components that were very clearly shown in the routine, 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot'. They were dancers and costume. All of the dancers in this performance were all middle aged females, but there was one main dancer who was also singing as well as dancing, her name was Patricia Whitmore. Mia Michaels was very clever with having only female dancers for this routine because she wanted to carry the message across to the audience as clearly as possible. The key purpose to why the choreographer only used female dancers for this specific routine was to show that most of the 'goodies' and their group were females and they wanted to stop Stacee Jaxx and his group of, mainly male, 'rockers' because the females did not accept the way Stacee Jaxx wanted the city to be run because all he wanted was 'drugs, sex, and rock and roll', but the 'goodies' clearly didn't want to put up with that. So, by Mia Michaels making the cast all females, it is one of the main reasons for this routine, it was a very ingenious idea to get the message across to the audience that the 'goodies' didn't want to have any sort of change to the city.

The last non-movement component to be very easily remarked in this performance was costumes. The costumes all the dancers wore were very similar in colour and style to each other. They were all dressed in formal clothing with bright pastel colours on their dresses, they all wore a pair of high heels, and they all had a formal hair-do with some accessories in their hair. This was a phenomenal idea from Mia Michaels because it is an easy way to be able to show the audience what the dance was all about. The main reason to why they were dressed like this was to show their maturity and power towards Stacee Jaxx and his idiot of a group of 'rockers', and how the 'goodies' were the group that were going to stop the caused conflict. As it is evidently shown, Mia Michaels was very smart towards this way of carrying the message across to the audience to why the 'goodies' wanted to get rid of Stacee Jaxx and his group of 'rockers'.

To sum up this analysis, the routine 'Hit Me with Your Best Shot' expresses one of the most powerful and unique messages out of all the other songs and routines in Rock of Ages The Musical. But the movement components, space and energy, and the non-movement components, dancers and costumes, were the main features that made the message of this routine so significant. Overall, thanks to the choreographer Mia Michaels, and all the female dancers, this routine has been able to express the choreographic intent astonishingly.

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