Jenni GRAZER Athlete Profile

Finding the beat

I spent the majority of my youth at a local dance studio. While I was flexible and could endure hours of dance classes, I never saw myself as an “athlete” because I didn’t play a sport. I’ve always enjoyed running and taking fitness classes, but I had never used any of it for a purpose. I danced to the beat, never really finding it.

Insert adult life responsibilities here: grad school, marriage, kids, career. All of these are fulfilling and amazing, necessary and important. But I still needed to find something to push myself physically, mentally and emotionally. My beat.

I had a few friends that were participating in Spartan Races with Ashley and I was intrigued. I saw them facing obstacles, wondering if I could do that too. In January of 2016 I started attending the Sunday outdoor bootcamps. I was so inspired by all of the athletes I was chasing around the park. I felt this community had the potential to impact my life.

They cheer for my achievements, laugh at my stupid jokes, and encourage me when I feel weak.

I jumped into racing in the summer of 2016 at the Pala Spartan Sprint. It was humbling and epic. It sparked a fire in me that has changed my life. I completed a Spartan trifecta in 2017, (2018 in progress), completed Ashley’s 6+ hour endurance events and ran the Zion Ragnar Ultra Relay in May of 2018. My husband joined the gym and my school-age daughters are Spartan kids as well.

My real accomplishment though has been immersing myself in the Becoming Badass community. Ashley and the team are the beat I was looking for. They cheer for my achievements, laugh at my stupid jokes, and encourage me when I feel weak. This beat, our beat, runs through each of us and flows out into the community. My colleagues at work ask about my upcoming races and my students wonder when I’ll get to jump over fire again.

Am I Badass? Some days more than others. But I’m always finding the beat, Becoming Badass.

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