Harn Museum Anaeva Nelsas


I had the privilege of visiting the Harn Museum, and getting to experience thousands of works of art, from contemporary to ancient pieces.

Technique of the Artist

Artists like Lorenzo Homar and Karlz-Heinz Hasen-Bahia have very unique drawing technique, in which they use intricate lines and details in order to create depth within the art itself. This is a very extraordinary way to bring 2D work of drawing and sketching. In pictures, it is hard to see the depth conveyed, but in person, the art pieces pop and come to life. Through seeing these art pieces in person, I was better able to understand the messages each one conveyed,but analyzing each individual line that was made allowed me to better understand the flow and the meaning that was throughout each of the pieces. I found the precision and detail of each piece to be incredibly striking, as each line was so simple, but together as a whole they created something so intricate. To me, this communicated the mass amounts of time and effort that was put into each of these pieces. Each art piece had to be perfectly planned, and then each line had to be perfectly placed in order for these pieces to come alive. The works carry a very intense feeling with them, which reflects onto the viewer. I got very intense, passionate, concentrated feelings from these pieces.

Design of the Museum

An exhibit that caught my eye on its use of spacing and ambiance was the Intra-Action Women's Artist exhibit. This exhibit featured a grand array of empty space, high ceilings, benches, and a warm atmosphere with wood flooring. The design of the exhibit was very open and interesting to channel power from femininity. The art was arranged in groupings and in ways that allowed for ones eyes to follow along with the art. This allowed for one to not get overwhelmed and to fully be able to take in the exhibit. the exhibit also had benches and books on feminism which allowed for a different aspect to be explored. The exhibit also used blue lighting in order to give the room a fun and colorful aura. This exhibit made me feel very happy and giddy, as well as powerful. It made me very proud to be a woman and proud to be a feminist.

Art and Core Values

In the Intra-Action Woman's artist exhibit, all of the pieces spoke to my core values as a feminist, I couldn't narrow it down to just one. All of the headlining works by the Guerrilla Girls allowed me to further introspect aspects of feminism that I didn't really know before. Most of their works contained facts of woman's rights, and aspects that are often ignored by the masses. The fact that 76% of the nudes in the Met. are of women, and only 4% of artists are women, is disturbing, and thats a fact that is little known otherwise. They are able to bring these facts to light through art and are able to spread awareness. They showcase dozens of articles and sexist ideas that are still held today that are seldom questioned, but through their art they are able to make political statements about feminism and its importance to the development of society and the diminishing of societal expectations and prejudgments on women. Their artwork sparks anger in me, but it is a kind of anger that drives passion for a change in the future. It instilled feelings of courage and power in me as well, as it emphasized that we have the power to change the future. It better helps me understand how to utilize my power and beliefs and to turn it into action to help change the future. The Guerrilla Girls inspire millions of girls to do the same thing across the nation, and together, the feminist movement will continue to grow and change the future for women of the world.

Art and the Good Life

The Seated Bodhisattva is a work that conveys the Seeking the Good Life theme. The Buddhist saint depicted is refraining from reaching Enlightenment in order to wait for the others that are seeking the same goal. He holds an expression of calmness and is seen with gestures of fearlessness and gift-bestowing. I believe that this sculpture evokes the theme if Seeking because it explains that everyone is seeking Enlightenment or the Good Life, and even those who are very close to reaching it, still have not. It is amazing to see that he is waiting for others to reach it as well. This also allows me to further understand the Good Life theme because it depicts someone who is still searching and still waiting to achieve Enlightenment even though he has all the skills necessary. This goes into the Sharing theme as well, and it shows that the Buddhist is sharing his time with the others who are seeking, and still waiting for theme. He is waiting to share the experience of Enlightenment with the others. This is a very selfless act and it helps me better understand the importance and dignity of sharing the Good Life with others.

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